BMW’s European Delivery program is one of the most hidden gems within the offerings from Munich-based automaker. Unfortunately, not all BMW customers are aware of this special program that allows you to pick up your car in Munich and go on a sightseeing European tour aboard your own BMW.

We won’t go into all the details around the European Delivery, but we will provide you with some useful links. Our BMW European Delivery section will give you more insight into the program, BMWUSA page describes the program even further, and last but not least,

Thanks to one our readers, Ariel, who shared a video with us, we can show you some of the experience one goes through after picking up the car. In this case, Janitha (, an owner of a 335is with DCT, takes his car through an unique experience into the Alps.

The goal was simple: an Ultimate driving experience. 1000 miles of twisty and windy driving nirvana, the scenic Alps across Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, all spread out over 10 days of pure Bliss.

This is a compilation of a few drives and mountain passes on my 335is immediately after I picked it up via the European Delivery program.

Notable mountain passes in the video: Stelvio pass, Timmelsjoch, Pordoi pass, Bernina pass, Fluela pass, San Bernadino pass, St. Gotthard pass, Grimsel pass, just to name a few.

Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

[vimeo width=”654″ height=”368″][/vimeo]