UK magazine Fleet News published a new survey on the most reliable car sold in the UK. According to the survey of the country’s 50 largest contract hire companies, BMW 3 Series is the most reliable car in the UK. BMW’s top seller model is followed by the Honda Accord, Audi A4 and another BMW, 1 Series.

3 Series’ direct competitor, Mercedes-Benz C-Class comes 7th.

Most reliable car manufacturers survey places Honda at the top of the list. VW and BMW coming in second and third, respectively.

P005030411 655x435To be on the safe side, the research included 1.5 million vehicles owned or managed by the top 50 leasing companies in the UK.

Fleet News editor Stephen Briers said: “This is the largest reliability survey of its kind, so any vehicle with a top 10 placing will represent a safe bet for any organization or private motorist.”

Most reliable cars:

1. BMW 3 Series
2. Honda Accord
3. Audi A4
4. Nissan Qashqai
5. BMW 1 Series
6. Ford Fiesta
7. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
8. Toyota Avensis
9. Honda Civic
10. Volkswagen Golf

Most reliable car manufacturers:

1. Honda
2. Volkswagen
3. BMW

[Source: Fleet News ]