You can read the word “lightweight” in almost every other automotive press release, but usually the buzzword is not reflected in the total weight. Ever increasing size and tougher safety regulations lead to a bigger weight, and almost no manufacturer seems to be able to escape this maze.

Modern suspension technology is able to hide the increased weight in most of the every day driving situations, but when it comes to sporty driving or even visiting racetracks, no technology is able to overcome the weight. Today, even some sporty cars from well-known manufacturers are close or even above two tons weight.

Packeisen Motorsport from Wuppertal in Germany comes to show us quite the opposite. Based on the current M3, Packeisen will unveil their PM3 V8 CSL Light in Spring 2011 and the weight savings achieved with their modded vehicle are hard to ignore. In this case the word Light is not used in vain.

BMW M3 GTM Packeisen Motorsport 01 655x491
Picture shows the PM3 GTM, not the new PM3 V8 CSL Light. Pics will be available in April 2011.

To achieve his ambitious goals, Ulli Packeisen had to literally turn every bolt and no major efforts have been spared. The car features a stripped-out interior, racing seats and plastic windows. On top of these upfront weight savings, you also get a hood, a trunk lid and doors made of carbon fiber. Many screws have been replaced by parts made of titanium, magnesium or aluminium.

In the end, there will be a curb weight, according to EU regulations, of just 1,300 kilograms (2,850 lbs), including the driver and all the fluids necessary for driving. Packeisen also managed to get the weight perfectly balanced between the axles, so everything is set for mindblowing performance.

PM3 CSL Light is also built with the race  track in the back of its mind. The car is fitted with an FIA-approved safety cell, an airjack system for faster tire changes and a tank volume of no less than 100 liters.

Packeisen PM3 V8 CSL Light Komponente 3

As seen in racing, everything is set for the fastest acceleration to the maximum speed. Packeisen sets the car to be at maximum revs when reaching the brakepoint of the Döttinger Höhe, the longest straight line of the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

On this track the car should be able the achieve laptimes of less than 7:30 minutes. The achievement is even greater since it comes due to the low weight and perfect balance of the car. The engine is being tuned up and should be capable of no less than 485 bhp.

Despite having a bias towards racing technology, the PM3 CSL Light is road-legal. To suit all needs and tastes, Packeisen will built the car to your specifications, from road-legal to a true race car.

Heavily reducing the weight comes with a price in man-hours. More than 500 hours of handcraft are necessary to create the PM3 V8 CSL Light and due to this immense effort only four of these race cars for the road can be built per year.

The price will be set at around 16,.000 Euro for customers in Germany.

All pictures showing the PM3 GTM, not the even more hardcore PM3 V8 CSL Light.
Pictures will be available in spring 2011.

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