New BMW 5 Series and 7 Series – “One sausage, different lengths” ?

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With the recent introduction of the new BMW 5 Series, many people began to wonder whether BMW is heading towards the “different sized links of …

With the recent introduction of the new BMW 5 Series, many people began to wonder whether BMW is heading towards the “different sized links of the same sausage” approach. German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport prepared a comparison article between the two luxury sedans.

Despite their continuously dimensions growth over the years, premium cars continue to play in the segment they were originally intended for. As a comparison, the 2010 BMW 5 Series is now almost exactly as long as a 1994 7 Series, E32 platform. Back in its times, the E32 was regarded as very spacious and generous to the driver and the occupants.

Yes, some of us might grow in size as we get older and wiser, but the increased dimensions of the new cars should not be, nor it is directly proportional to our body weight.

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Customer demands from the US continue to drive some of the new designs and vehicles. These customers expect larger and more comfortable seats, a trend seen both in the new 5 Series and the F01/02 7 Series models.

When the new 5 Series was unveiled, the famous phrase, “One sausage, different lengths” came back to life. Attributed to Audi vehicles for quite some time now, the less flattering quote was whispered by BMW fans and consumers, and spoken out loud by other competitors and fans. The new 5 Sedan has grown in size compared to the previous E60 model and features a high quality interior cabin that could compete even with BMW’s flagship, the 7 Series.

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In Europe, a fully equipped 5 Series can be had for 80,000 euros, more expensive than the entry-level model of its big brother, and this one factor that makes the final decision even more complicated.

Length wise, the new 5er Sedan is only 7 inches shorter than 7 Series, and almost 2 inches less wide.

Looks wise, some say that when looking from the side, the new 5 looks like a shortened F01 7er, but from close distance, the 5er looks distinctive from the 7er, both from the front and rear-ends. Sure, both models follow BMW’s latest and newest design language, but similarities are very few, even to the trained eye.


Therefore, with some of these facts laid out, we are finally ready to answer the question posed by us at the beginning of the article: is the new 5 Series simply “the same sausage”, but at different lengths? Despite their proximity in size, the BMW 7 Series is still the 800-lbs gorilla that stands out with its massive construction and imposing stance on the road. The large headlights and front-grill are other design elements that set the two sedans apart.

The new  Series has a more harmonious and fluid design line, and while its interior and exterior design have been considered a step forward from the previous generation, the sporty sedan still lacks, intentionally, some of the high-end technology and luxury found in the flagship (7 Series).

[Source: Auto Motor Und Sport via F10.5post ]