20 Of The Craziest Top Gear Stunts

Videos | November 8th, 2010 by 2

Sunday evenings are always perfect for some fun videos and the folks over at BreakDownCover bring us their Top 20 Crazier Stunts seen on the popular British-show, Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkso and his bunch, deliver some funny stunts and shenanigans.

Top Gear’s 16th series is scheduled to air in early 2011, with a Christmas special planned in December.

Some of the stunts below include vehicles like the MINI, Bugatti Veyron, Aston Martin, Range Rover, and also, snowmobiles, hovercrafts, or trains.

Seeing Clarkson and his British-humor in action, always makes for a fun viewing.

20. Volvo Caravan Jump

19. World’s Smallest Car

18. Toyota Aygo Car Football

17. Jet Car v Nissan

16. World Record Jumping Backwards With A Car

15. Range Rover Sport vs Challenger 2 Tank

14. Car Safety Message — Avoid Trains

13. Underwater Escape

12. The Stig Jumps A Snowmobile

11. Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon Drag Race

10. Aston Martin V8 Vantage vs Man on Jet Powered Rollerskates

9. Ice-cream Van Hovercraft

8. Motorhome Destruction Derby

7. Jet Powered Canoe

6. A Mini Cooper and a Ski Jump

5. Caravan Conkers

4. Crossing the Channel

3. Car Darts

2. The Airship

1. Reliant Robin Space Shuttle

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