AutoBild: Production version BMW Vision EfficientDynamics coming in 2013

Concepts, Featured Posts | October 29th, 2010 by 22

According to today’s edition of Auto Bild, the decision has now been made: in early 2013, a series version of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept will  roll off the assembly line in Leipzig. The production will run until 2018 and BMW expects to build and sell anywhere between 6,000 to 18,000 units.

But not only the quantity will account for its exclusivity, the rumored price of 125000-175000 euro will make it even more special.
The car falls under the umbrella of Project i, therefore AutoBild believes the Vision Concept will be relabeled as BMW i100 or i1. The car will be delivered just as the concept car with two auxiliary seats in the rear, but the focus is naturally on the front seats.

Just like the MegaCity Vehicle, the sporty 2 +2 seater makes extensive use of carbon fiber. The crash structures at the front and rear suspension, just as with MCV, are made of aluminum. The outcome is expected to be a very lightweight car, in line with the Project i philosophy and sustainability.For propulsion, a turbocharged three-cylinder internal combustion engine is said to provide 184 hp, aided by two electric motors, each with 95 hp. The performance of the engines would be distributed to all four wheels and is designed to accelerate to 62 mph in about four seconds.

Consumption numbers are extraordinary for a car of this type, rumors say 4.0 liters per 100 kilometers, equivalent of 59 mpg.

According to the same publication, the M Division is looking into producing an M-variant of this car as well, but with a more powerful engine producing 450 horsepower. The engine could be bororwed from the next generation M3, a straight-six powerplant. Even if the weight is likely to be higher than the standard model, breathtaking performance would be inevitable.

Stay tuned next week for an exclusive report by BMWBLOG, more details soon!