BMW’s Joy campaign continues and this time, the lead actor is the new 2011 BMW X3. Courtesy of BMW UK, we have a first glance at a TV ad showing thew new, redesigned and reclassified X3.

Along with the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, the new BMW X3 made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show. With an overdue design and lessons learned from its first generation, BMW began working on the second generation F25 X3 back in 2006. The winning design proposal went to Erik Goplen, Director of Creative Design at the California-based design shop, Designworks, the very same designer that penned the beautiful E46 3 Series Coupe.

Starting from the idea of designing a Sports Activity Vehicle with a family-oriented approach, Goplen penned the new X3 with his own family in mind and also as an owner of the first generation X3.

2011 bmw x3 m package 151 655x438Functionality, efficiency and dynamics are the core elements of the second generation X3.

This car caters to a more general audience, but still being true to the BMW heritage – handling and sporty dynamics.

Starting with the design and continuing with all the aero dynamics elements and the more fuel efficient engines, the marketing for the new X3 will focus primarily on EfficientDynamics, coupled with increased performance and a higher level of luxury, three important facts that BMW hopes will steer away customers from the Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLK.

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