Thanks to a choice of two wheelbases, normal and long, and a variety of engine offerings, among others, there are currently thirteen different BMW 7 Series variants at your local U.S. BMW dealership.

Others factor driving the variety in 7 Series offerings include two drive configurations, rear and all-wheel-drive, and the B7 offering from ALPINA.

For the North American market, BMW introduced four gasoline twin-turbo engines. The entry-level powerplant is an inline-six powering the 740i models, followed by two V8s found under the hood of 750 models, and a high-end power unit, V12, that puts in motion the 760 models.

The first-ever built 7 Series Hybrid comes to complete the extensive 7er line-up.

Sharing all options and amenities minus two extra cylinders, BMW’s 740Li returns to tradition with the engine configuration BMW’s are most famous for: an electric smooth inline-6, and in our opinion, will become the first choice for U.S. customers.

BMW has placed their N54 twin turbo inline-6 under the bonnet, tuned to produce 315 hp and 330 lbs-ft of torque in 740Li guise, plenty for the needs of most customers.

With an M.S.R.P. of $71,025 for 740i and $75,425 for long-wheelbase, we call these two a “no brainer”.