Jalopnik: BMW’s On-Board Computer Secrets

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Jalopnik brings us another interesting article from the BMW world: BMW’s On-Board Computer Secrets. One of their readers, submitted an article on the secret menus BMW hides from the consumer.

Let’s have a look.

BMW, in everything ranging from the 3-series all the way up to the 7-series, uses an On-Board Computer to provide the driver with up-to-the-moment data. The early OBCs, which were then followed by the iDrive system, were useful if you wanted to know the temperature, time of arrival, fuel consumption, etc.

But BMW worked in some undocumented features and adjustments, hidden from the consumer’s eye. Here’s a very short peek of the many features you can access:

bmw secret menus 655x491● Change your friend’s M5 language to German, for laughs, and threaten to not change it back until he lets you hoon it.

● The display test is featured on the OBC, which activates all the LCDs and LEDs; a useful feature in finding faulty lights.

● The current speed readout will show your speed in a digital readout on older BMWs. The iDrive in later cars has a hidden navigation menu that can be accessed, and a driver can compare his actual gps-derived vehicle speed with the speedometer. You can check your speedometer’s accuracy this way.

● You can check exactly how many liters of fuel are currently in the tank. Useful for when you want to know how many liters of fuel are in your tank.

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3 responses to “Jalopnik: BMW’s On-Board Computer Secrets”

  1. Giom says:

    It’s funny, how I wouldn’t mess with that stuff…

  2. Wooo hoo. says:

    Who cares, it’s for an obsolete discontinued model!

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