Rumor: Leaked BMW X4 Design Sketch? *Updated*

Rumors | October 15th, 2010 by 4
bmw x4 sketch

Update: The sketch below is simply one of the first design sketches submitted for the F25 X3 and NOT an X4 design. Just a few …

Update: The sketch below is simply one of the first design sketches submitted for the F25 X3 and NOT an X4 design.

Just a few days after several outlets, including us, reported that BMW is considering a smaller X6 model for 2014, dubbed X4, a first official design sketch seem to have been leaked on the interwebs.

While we can’t at the moment atest the authenticity of this sketch, we managed to gather more information from the same restless Scott27. Here is a slightly edited report:

“The X4 will be engineered to match in a similar way how the X6 differentiate itself from the X5. Now that the X6 is established (original projections for the X6 at this time period were at 40,000 units , we have almost surpassed three times that amount), we have discovered an opening for a smaller Sport Activity Coupe.

bmw x4 sketch

One thing learned about the X6 though is that customers would prefer a more seperate identity than the X5. X4 and X6 will introduce this new approach, although undeneath they will still be based on the X3 and X5 respectively.

New design details established on the X1 and the new X3, such as sculpted surfaces and higher rear window line, will move to the X5 and X6. Also new to the X5 will be T-Shaped rear lights from the X3 as they move to give X-vehicles typical X characteristics and visually seperate them from the road car portfolio.

X4, X5 and X6 will build upon BMW’s latest design philosophy in which wheelarches are defined by making them more three-dimensional , instead of building them out by adding more technicality and un-needed lines. The X5 for example uses the same, but a more dramatic angle “slash” through the front doors from the wings. The front quarter of the car is more pronounced expanding the width of the car and especially the wheel arches, a similar line at the rear does the same, expanding the rear wheel arches. This is important for the interior in which space is increased and suspension mountings are pushed out without compromising interior space. X4 will do something similar, but it will keep a bloodline with the X3, although the front and rear will be seperate designs.

Even if some dont like this idea, the X sales in X1, X3(E83), X5 (E53),(E70) and X6 have been highly profitable for BMW. Advanced orders for Europe are sold out until Spring on the new F25 X3 , the X1 continues to surpass its projections and next year the M-Sport Packet will help further sales with the X1; X6 receives it’s Life Cycle Impulse, while the LCI X5 has proved to be the best selling SAV of its segment. MINI Countryman in some parts of Europe is sold out until April 2011.

MINI Activity Coupe , BMW X4 and the “Y” project are all projects of BMW’s strategy aimed at the growing Compact and Premium entry segments which are heading for increased growth.”

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming days!