Chicago-based modder WheelSTO is back with a new project. Focusing again on the BMW M3 Coupe, the folks over at WSTO bring us their latest project with….Japanese influence. To learn more about the new modded M3, we decided to let them explain in their own words.

This brings us to our feature car, a pristine Alpine White E92 M3 Coupe with heavy Japanese influence.

One of our local customers came to us for some advice for his E92 M3 on exterior styling, and modifications without going overboard. The customer did not want to do anything to stray it away from the factory designed sharp curves and distinct lines. First off, he wanted a good wheel and tire combination for the street since he drives it all around downtown Chicago, and to the suburbs often. To improve the look of the car, the car was equipped with the Eibach Pro-Kit, to give it a nice drop while keeping the EDC system intact. Now, one of the most important pieces to complete the car was the wheels. The customer opted for the RAYS ENGINEERING Volk Racing VR.G2 in 20×9/20×11 in Gloss Black with Vredestein Ultrac Sessantra 245/30/20 and 295/25/20 to complete the idea of his perfect street car set up.

STO 0194 655x438The RAYS ENGINEERING Volk Racing VR.G2 was chosen among the many aftermarket wheels available for the M3, due to its simple, yet classic design and 10,000 ton forged construction, and they are also the choice wheels for the ALMS Factory BMW race cars.

Among the vast choices of tires out in the market, the Vredestein Ultrac Sessantra was chosen for the aggressive tread design by the famous automotive designer, Giugiaro. Vredestein is based Netherlands, and they are no stranger to designing the perfect street tire with optimum dry traction, as well as great wet traction capabilities at a fair price!

It doesn’t stop there, once the car had the wheels installed with a good daily driver stance. The engine, and exterior needed the same type of treatment. Our customer also followed Studie Japan’s styling on their BMW Motor cars and wanted to do the same thing to his own personal car. The next step was pretty simple.

3D Design Aerodynamic parts.

We imported a 3D Design Carbon Fiber Lip, 3D Design Carbon Fiber Diffuser. The quality, and fitment on these pieces are unreal. It is melody of carbon fiber masterpieces. The customer also installed a Challenge USA GT Carbon trunk with the integrated trunk spoiler that also serves great functionality and looks – Weight savings of 19lbs over stock.

STO 0258 655x438

You also can’t forget the small details as well. Custom painted gloss black front kidney grills, side grills, painted reflectors and LED turn signals that give the car great detail, but very hard to notice if you weren’t a BMW fanatic…


No matter what anyone says. The S65B40 M3 engine & exhaust note should not be contained to the stock exhaust system. Since the customer’s car was meant for daily driver duties, he chose a BASTUCK Co. GmbH Clubsport exhaust with (x4) 85mm double wall tips for an aggressive sound without any exhaust drones at higher RPM’s, and you can see how the 3D Design Carbon Fiber Diffuser accents the aggressive tips.


Johan from WSTO has the opportunity to photograph this beautiful M3 and great tour the industrial, and peaceful surroundings near WSTO headquarters. Enjoy!