Yesterday, BMW has released teaser photos of the 1-Series M Coupe during an open photoshoot on the famous Champs d’Elysées boulevard in Paris. While most of the details remain hidden under the black veil, further details about the car have been revealed.

Today, we return with a new video of the car shown in Paris.

The 1M will sport the Life Cycle Impulse treatment we will see on all the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models beginning in January. The car will also get LEDs, a common trait in the newer models.

Our friends over at Skiddmark managed to get further details on the car. The so rumored 2,700 units production seems to be a myth. According to sources at BMW UK, no build limit has been set yet, but production will only run for a 8-9 month.


UK deliveries start end-May 2011 and colour choice will be the 3 already mentioned – Valencia Orange Metallic, black and white.

Earlier this week, a selected group of journalists had a chance to drive the final prototype and more reviews are expected to appear in the next few days.