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BMW’s star at the 2010 Paris Motor Show was without a doubt the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, the preview of the next generation …

BMW’s star at the 2010 Paris Motor Show was without a doubt the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, the preview of the next generation 6 Series due out in early 2011.

The 6 Series joins the new design language at BMW, as seen in the 5 Series, a new design trait that debuted last year with the Z4 Roadster. The enhanced belt lines with the hood creases and lines flowing from the front till the end, are highly visible on the 6er.

The concept is more emotional that the photos described it and looks, and is longer than we imagined. The short overhangs and slope lines give the car the distinctive look we came to love in the 6 Series Coupe, a car that emulates perfectly the style and passion of BMW’s chief designer Adrian Van Hooydonk ( An exclusive and extremely interesting interview with Van Hooydonk will follow).
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Designed by the young and talented Nader Faghihzadeh, the very same designer that penned the Gran Coupe, and interestingly enough, the interior cabin, this time of the BMW 7 Series, the car that signifies the return of very driver-oriented dashboards and increased luxury. Three design competitions won in the last few years make Nader a star designer at BMW and we personally look forward to different design from him in the future. (An interview with Nader will be available soon as well).

Moving inside, the cabin perfectly emulates the characteristics of the exterior, and according to Christian Bauer, interior designer 6 Series, the harmonious combination between the outside lines and inside design, are due to a strong collaboration and common design ideas with Faghihzadeh.
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While the production car will see some minor changes in the trim/leather combination, the overall design is set in stone and a a first glance, it is simple, effective, sporty and most important, very connected to the driver.

The new 8.8 LCD screen that sticks out of the console dominates the cabin and serves as a central point between the driver and its car’s functionalities. Contrary to Audi’s philosophy of a retractable LCD screen, BMW believes that the screen initiates and maintains a constant communication channel with the driver, and the need of a retractable option becomes less relevant.

A more detailed review will follow shortly, but so far the reactions from the automotive press are quite favorable and the design received high praises.

For now, enjoy more exclusive photos and a live video of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept.

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4 responses to “Video and more photos of the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept”

  1. Bryce says:

    It’s one of the best looking BMWs ever… they need to get this onto the showroom floor ASAP

  2. Laszlo says:

    pretty good ! What a change compare to the old bangle 6er. No need to explain no need to blink our eyes to see the beauty.
    This car is on par with the Aston Martin’s and Jaguar’s and alikes in style. Very elegant and yet still a BMW sport coupe. A real head turner car, nothing reminds me of the old (bangled) 6er which is a great thing.
    Good job BMW, this is a car to be proud about.
    Drop the chrome wheels and it will be even better :-)

  3. Babken says:

    The recent BMW cars look much better in real life than in photos. A genuine TIGER.

  4. Efoza says:

    Another good set of photos to show the clear 5Gt design impressions used to the best possible effect. However, the position of the iDrive control is going to be a problem and thus I understand BMW is already re-thinking its options.

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