BMW’s social media and online marketing departments are working hard these days. Their latest gimmick? A microsite dedicated to Project i,, BMW’s latest and most daring bet in their history: the launch of a sub-brand that will offer products for sustainable mobility, read electric vehicles.

As the description placed on the page, Project i kicked off in 2007 and it has been heavily backed up and promoted by BMW’s CEO Dr. Norbert Reithofer who said in a recent interview for Business Week: “The Megacity Vehicle is a must-have for BMW”.

BMW Chief Designer also shares his enthusiasm for the new sub-brand and the opportunity to build from the ground, a new line of BMW automobiles. “Since we’re BMW, we don’t want to create just any old electric car,” says design chief van Hooydonk. “We want to deliver what people so far think is impossible: the combination of joy and zero emissions.”

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BMW Megacity is a vehicle that will cater to a younger demographic, a tech savvy and environmental conscious group that sees the value of a BMW electric vehicle and has no preconceptions in regards to the much-craved horsepower and performance we all ask from a BMW.

So what would be the best way to connect with this audience? Online medium and social media campaigns. Therefore BMW kicks off their Project i marketing effort with the launch of a new official Twitter Project i account and a Facebook fan page

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