First time we drove the MINI E, the one thing that stuck with us, beside the full torque at zero RPM, was the completely silence coming from the drivetrain. The silence surrounding the car became even more obvious when pedestrians were surprised to hear a car sneaking by them without much audible warning.

With more and more electric cars coming to the market or being planned for, pedestrian safety became a concern for everyone, including government regulatory agencies. Automakers were told that they would have to fit noise generators to warn pedestrians of immediate danger and several solutions started to be developed.

Despite the hopes of some tech-savvy consumers, the plans are unlikely to include customizable “ring tones”, in form of MP3-style downloaded from the internet. A more likely candidate would be the sound of an internal-combustion engine idling when the electric car is at a traffic light and a more aggressive note that would kick in when the car starts to move.

282931.6 lg 655x434But these news haven’t stopped some automotive magazines to poke fun at the possibility of a ring tone being delivered by a car, therefore, All Cars Electric website decided to share with everyone their take on sounds we’d love to hear coming from our EVs.


If it’s possible for a sound to be ironic, this is the one. What better irony than your new zero-emissions EV putting out a sound reminiscent of the best cartoon-esque jalopy, spluttering and backfiring down the road? All you’d be missing is the smoke, as that’s the one thing EVs can’t do. There are safety benefits too though – what better sound to alert pedestrians to your presence than a loud explosive backfire?


If you watched any games from the South Africa-based 2010 FIFA World Cup, you’ll be familiar with the ‘swarm of bees’ sound of ten thousand vuvuzelas being blown around a stadium. Download the sound for your EV, and you can bring the ‘joy’ to thousands of others on your commute, or simply give your kid’s soccer practice a bit of atmosphere as you drive around the car park.

See more “sounds” at AllCarsElectric.

BMW has been known for their innovation in the history of automobiles, so we expect no less than an innovative and efficient solution for their upcoming Megacity electric vehicles due out in 2013.