Vorsteiner announces their version of the BMW X6 M. The company launches an aero kit that enhances the already sporty and aggressive M SAV.

Introducing the X6M Aero package, the newest addition to our BMW conversions, designed and built for the most discerning clientele who seek the highest level of performance and style.

Our first SUV conversion, the X6M aero components are crafted using the latest in lightweight composite technology utilizing a dry carbon vacuum process, achieving maximium strength-to-weight ratio while improving aerodynamics throughout the vehicle.

Experience the ultimate sports utility vehicle.

capture2p1 655x476The new front end of the X6M is highlighted with the addition of a new front add-on spoiler that is constructed out of carbon fiber composite (CFRP) that exudes absolute confidence & road presence. The front spoiler is designed to add downforce to the front axle at high speeds while directing more air into the front radiators and air duct openings.

An all-new power dome sculpted vented carbon composite hood will also be available in mid September to complement the front spoiler and to extract heat from the twin turbo engine bay.

Passionate Design. Uncompromising Performance

The rear end of the X6M is characterized by a new sporty carbon fiber diffuser that replaces the factory plastic unit. The rear diffuser houses 3 modular aero fins that are attached to the main body of the diffuser in addition to 2 vented slits to help cool the exhaust system.

To complete the rear aerodynamic package is our carbon add-on rear deck lid spoiler that elegantly contours around the lines of the factory boot lid while balancing the additional down force of the new front end.

[Source: Vorsteiner and Jlevi SW]