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LUMMA BMW CLR 750 15 750x500

LUMMA Design gives the BMW 7 Series a wider look. The unique aerodynamics package lends the luxury limousine a more self-assured appearance, without neglecting the …

LUMMA Design gives the BMW 7 Series a wider look. The unique aerodynamics package lends the luxury limousine a more self-assured appearance, without neglecting the Munich model’s elegant design or making it come across as flashy. Selected applications made from genuine carbon and 22 inch light alloy wheels ensure that the BMW with its noble finish exhibits independence while staying true to its sportiness. Aluminium in the interior lends an individual touch.

The fact that LUMMA Design has a sense of BMW’s design language already becomes apparent in the front spoiler bumper. The curvature of the bonnet and the kidney front grille find their match in the new LUMMA front, which integrates grid inserts, fog lights and LED daytime running lights. The new shapely look is completed by the cup spoiler sword.

The ten-piece wheels arch extensions are key to the new sporty appearance: the luxury limousine becomes significantly wider, ensuring a dominant appearance. The door attachments and rear apron corners make for harmonious integration of the extension set and the full aerodynamics package.

LUMMA BMW CLR 750 15 655x436

LUMMA Design offers a set of deep door-sills that has been designed especially for the BMW 7 Series with its extended wheelbase, so as to bridge the parameterisation of the wheels arch extensions.

The aerodynamics package is completed by the new rear diffuser. Besides ensuring additional downforce, the diffuser highlights the sporty aspiration of the refined limousine.

The dynamic appearance of the LUMMA BMW is enhanced even further by the genuine carbon applications produced by the refining experts in Germany. These include exterior mirror caps, the kidney front grille frame, all door handle covers, the boot lid trim and the four-piece pillar trim set for doors and mud guards.

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Naturally the wheels also contribute to the more sporty appearance. The impressive 22-inch light alloy rims are fitted with 265/30 high-performance Vredestein tyres in
the front and 295/25 in the rear.

In addition, selected LUMMA Design improvements make for an upgraded interior. The aluminium two-piece pedal set with matching footrest provides the driver footwell with a superior look. Foot mats in the colour of the customer’s choice featuring the embroidered LUMMA crest logo are also available for the large BMW, as is a boot mat in any colour, also featuring the embroidered logo.

Except for the deep door-sills, which are provided exclusively for the model with extended wheelbase, the construction extension, carbon applications, wheels and
interior components fit all BMW 7 Series models. Obviously the required TÜV approval is included in every LUMMA Design delivery. Alternatively, the upgrade experts will perform the conversion at their head office in Winterlingen, Germany, including TÜV registration.

[Source: LUMMA ]

11 responses to “Full Details and Photos: LUMMA BMW CLR 750”

  1. bimmer guy says:

    Very sleek looking and i like the contrast black and white.

  2. X5SoB says:

    This is, arguably, the M7 that should have been. Why doesn’t BMW think that there isn’t a market for this? Do they think that such a vehicle is unseemly or not classy?

  3. GJR says:

    Well, they used to have stricter standards as to what an ///M car represented, but now that there are X5 and X6 versions, might as well have an M7 too.

  4. viper says:

    looks like redneck tuning

  5. okeribok says:

    audi leds: ew.

  6. Lennardt says:

    doing this to a bimmer should be a crime..

  7. Tripp says:

    I was recently in a car wreck where I was t-boned at an intersection in my 7 series on the driver side and none of my three airbags deployed????

  8. peyton padmore says:

    i am 15 and i wanna get this car next year

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