BMW Group increases sales by 12.5% in August

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bmw group sales august 2010

The BMW Group once again reported strong sales growth in August. The company delivered a total of 103,239 (prev. yr. 91.800) automobiles to customers worldwide …

The BMW Group once again reported strong sales growth in August. The company delivered a total of 103,239 (prev. yr. 91.800) automobiles to customers worldwide in the month under review – an increase of 12.5%. By the end of August, 919,258 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles had already been received by customers, with 12.5% more vehicles sold (prev. yr. 817,203) than in the same period in 2009.

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “The August sales figures developed better than expected. We are seeing a stable upward trend and are gradually regaining the level we had prior to the economic and financial crisis. Our BMW brand not only sold 16.3% more automobiles year-on-year – for the first time, it also delivered more vehicles than in August 2007 (+3.6%) and 2008 (+3.1%).”

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Robertson added: “Asia – and China in particular – was the most powerful force driving our sales growth once again in August. We have already sold more than 106,000 BMW and MINI vehicles so far this year in China: This is more than in the whole of 2009. However, as the world’s leading premium automobile manufacturer, we aim to maintain a good balance between our Europe, Asia and Americas regions.”

Sales of BMW brand vehicles rose sharply by 16.3% to 88,007 units (prev. yr. 75,699) in the month under review. A total of 775,262 vehicles were delivered to customers in the year to the end of August (prev. yr. 679,913 / +14.0%). BMW remains the world’s best-selling premium automobile brand both for August and the year to the end of August, and was able to expand its lead over the relevant competitors. BMW maintains its high-value model mix, with retail gains for the large model series in particular in August: Sales of the BMW 7 Series, for instance, increased 52.8% to 6,051 (prev. yr. 3,961) units in the month under review. The BMW 5 Series also reported sales growth of 24.9% (16,175 / prev. yr. 12,948). The market launch of the new BMW 5 Series Touring will give the 5 Series another major boost from September onwards; orders for the new model are already well above plan. The X models also reported higher volumes: Sales of the BMW X5/X6 models climbed 36.4% to 12,707 units (prev. yr. 9,316). Although the successor model is just around the corner, X3 sales increased 10.3% to 3,936 units (prev. yr. 3,570).

Rolls-Royce also had a very successful August. Demand for the new Ghost remains strong. The brand delivered a total of 246 (prev. yr. 37) Phantom and Ghost models to customers in the month under review and was able to increase sales more than six fold (+564.9%). A total of 1,467 (prev. yr. 411) Rolls-Royce motor cars had already been sold by the end of August.

With extensive revisions to the MINI model range, including striking design modifications and new engines, due to get underway in mid-September, the MINI brand reported a decrease in deliveries in August. As expected MINI sales were 6.7% lower than in August 2009 at 14,986 (prev. yr. 16,064) vehicles. A total of 142,529 MINI (prev. yr. 136,879) cars have been delivered to customers worldwide since January – 4.1% more than in the same period last year. With the addition of the new MINI Countryman mid-September, the MINI family will expand to include four versions. The first MINI crossover model will provide a strong impetus for growth in the upcoming months. Orders for the Countryman are already well over plan.

The stable growth trend at BMW Motorrad continued in August 2010 with a year-on-year sales increase of 18.1%. At 6,405 units, 982 more motorcycles were sold than in August 2009. In the year to the end of August 2010, 73,442 (prev. yr. 62,001) motorcycles were delivered to customers worldwide. This represents an increase of 18.5%. Thanks to the positive sales performance in persistently difficult market conditions, BMW Motorrad was able to substantially expand its global market share in the relevant motorcycle segment above 500cc. Market share in Germany rose 23.6% (prev. yr. 18.8%). This means almost one in four new motorcycles sold is a BMW. Market share in Italy (18.8%), Spain (18.8%), Belgium (21.1%) and the Netherlands (18.9%) is also in the region of 20%. Top of the list is South Africa, where BMW Motorrad currently has a market share of 38.6%.

30 responses to “BMW Group increases sales by 12.5% in August”

  1. Babken says:

    For the first time in recent months I can say: WELL DONE, BMW. BRAVO, 5 SERIES!

    • Shincai says:

      What did I tell ya….
      Now you see.
      And 5 series touring is not even out yet…

    • wazon8 says:

      @Babken, better stay quite for a while. You’ve said such things about 5-er and BMW that if I didn’t know the car and the brand, I would think that they are something similar to Hyundai and challenge MB. You even showed no respect for M-brand and bashed 5 years old M5e60 despite the fact that it still matches brand new products from AMG. Right now, you saw that BMW sold 16175 sedans and GT worldwide and started to admire 5-er again. What’s the reason? Sales numbers? What about performance and other car’s internal features? You had to be very unusual BMW enthusiast who pay little attention to the very features of cars.

      • Babken says:

        Yes, the sales numbers of evenly priced and matched products are the most reliable indicator which is better. I hope the 5 Series will retake its crown. It isn’t on par with the E-Class yet, because one month can’t say anything. But I hope that the tendency continues in 5 Series favour.
        As for my criticism, compared to the rest of you, wason, my criticism is sound and it makes BMW see problems. And you say that everything is perfect. That’s why I call you a dreamer. Try to be realistic.

        • wazon8 says:

          Yeah, if you take for granted that most of drivers know about car enough, then maybe sales numbers would say something about features of cars. But most of drivers don’t know great things about car, otherwise it would be impossible for them to buy E-class two generations back. But they did buy it, despite the all bad reputation about a car.

          What is supposed to be sound in your criticism? What thesis does actually underpin it? That from sales numbers we can track non-relational features of cars and that the greater sales numbers of given car, the better non-relational feature it has? Is that your thesis? But the problem is that it’s simply false. 5-er is great counterexample to it. It’s better car when performance is considered: better acceleration, higher slalom speed, better skid pad, shorter breaking distance. It’s also better when you take comfort into consideration: it has equally good interior materials, it has more leg-room at back seat, it has 4-zone AC in standard (at least in my country). It looks better eighter, although this issue is highly depending on taste. And please don’t start with your friend dealing with new 535i in E350. Who cares about that? We’ve got professional drivers reviews, we’ve got track times and all other objective features that say clearly that 5-er is faster car.

          No, I neither said that everything was ok, nor – that it wasn’t. What I was saying is that 5-er is better car. That’s all. But it’s worth to keep in mind that U.S. market is not the only market where BMW sells cars It’s important market for sure, but not the only. BMW sold above 16.000 5-ers worldwide and noted decrease at U.S. market at the same month. You find the last datum to be a sufficient reason for bashing BMW 5-er and the first datum – sufficient reason for admire 5-er. Then you’ve said that it’s not enough to match E-class, because it’s only one month of huge sell of 5-er. Do you have worldwide stats from previous months? How many units of E-class did MB sell globally in this month and in previous months? And why do you maintain that it’s the first month when BMW globally sold as many units? Could you give links to sources? Up to now, BMW claim that they sell as many units of 5-er as they produce. What reasons did make you doubting in their claim? Moreover, 5-er touring is still not out there and it’s global sales numbers are around 3000 units per month. So, there should be another boost up to 22.000 units per month worldwide. Man, you did focus on single important market and predict disaster for BMW. Sorry, but what’s important is to count incoms from global sale. How do you know what the game plan with selling 5-er was? Where did they send more units and where they decided to cut number a little bit? Parhaps, in order to face China market market demands they sent there more units and cut soething from U.S. How many plants did BMW build after they took China market as their new target? Try to think about whole situation. That should give you more adequate outlook. I don’t know answers to above questions, but they could explain a lot and it’s inreasonable to assess whole situation without knowing them. You did it, perhaps dreaming that every single market is the same as U.S. market.

          And the final question: Are we supposed to believe that someone was trolling under your nick, despite the fact that you just authorized all these posts?

          • wazon8 says:

            @realBabken: if this is reply to not your post, ignore it.

            Damn, what’s wrong with these trolls, using others nicks?!

          • Babken says:

            Yes, you should. I must find the one who used my nickname to make such comments. I just didn’t want to answer him/her, because our blog would have turned to a personal fight place. And this is a BMW blog, i.e. a very useful one. It doesn’t matter. Babken is my real name, and I don’t want to change it to another one. Let that bastard write whatever he wants. You just know that I wouldn’t even change the tire dust of the 5 Series to the whole Mercedes-Benz line up. And whoever you are, troll, by writing these comments you make BMW fans have a further disrespect for Mercedes-Benz. Go and get a medical treatment.

          • Babken says:

            By the way, the China version of the 5 Series is going under way in September. So I expect a greater number of the 5 Series sold. And let those benz fans burn from pain.

    • kcsnyud says:

      Oh Babken u are so inpredictable… what happened to that good old jolly mercrappies benz?

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        You do know that the Benz also made a huge increase in international sales. About 22 percent according to with the E class making 25 percent. The E class is now just lagging behind the 5 series by 400 cars. Though the E class is the segment leader in America, The 5 series contiues to lead worldwide. Even so, other companies like Audi and Jaguar have very high increases making the competition much more intense for the European Prenium car brands.

        • FreudeKing says:

          lol. This barking Chihuahua (Babken) has been silenced!!! The E Class as a whole falls short of BMW’s sedan sales worldwide. Also bear in mind that BMW is selling all the 5 Series sedans that it is producing. Let’s hope that teh Touring sales ini Europe will be high enough to give BMW a 50%+ jump in sales. The 5GT should also be counted as 5 Series sales as that it the touring model for the US.

      • Babken says:

        Benz still makes faster progress than BMW, kcsnyud. But I hope that will soon change too. And I bet on the 5 Series.

      • Babken says:

        Things change

  2. FreudeKing says:

    I think the major concerns coming from this report should be the new 5 Series and the Mini. It is unacceptable that there is only a 25% increase from the old model and the anticipation of the 5 Series touring WILL NOT boost the 5’s sales figures by that much considering the fact that the touring models accounting for an extremely small portion of the entire 5 Series range.

    The Mini is just a disaster. I think we should expect a decline in sales for the traditional Mini Cooper model in the future as this model will fail to attract more customers. In fact existing customers will hev lss incentive to buy the new Mini Cooper as it looks the same from the Mini a decade ago. As for new launching of models.. yes, you may be able to sustain sales figures for a while but your core Mini customers will be leaving the brand as there are more fresh alternatives – PoloA1, AlfaMito, Fiat 500.

  3. Matt Stokes says:

    Good work BMW!

    At least it’s all on the up!

    Mini may struggle but I guess that is why BMW is expanding the portfolio of Mini products.

    Good for the BMWGroup…

    Bring on some more RR models, the Mini ‘Twins’, the 6GC, the VED, the Z2, the X4 and the 1M :D :D :D

  4. wazon8 says:

    5-er is getting stronger and stronger. They’ve sold 16000 sedans + GT last month. MB approximately globally sell 12700 units of E-class sedan per month, 1550 units of E-class Estates per month, 3700 units of E-class coupe per month. I don’t know how high sale of GT is, but numbers look really promising.

    • Babken says:

      MB sells nearly 18000 units of the E-Class sedans monthly. In August it was 15700 units. I hope the 5 Series brings the E-Class to its knees as it always did.

      • wazon8 says:

        Actually, they’ve sold 230.000 units of sedan since they launched in March 2009; 28.000 units of Estate and 60.000 units of coupe since May 2009. So, it looks rather as if they sell 12700 units of sedan monthly.

        • Babken says:

          12700 is too small number for the E-Class. Actually they sell about 18000 units each month. But the 5 Series will perform much better.

  5. Kenee says:

    The 5 series sedan sales are really disappointing. it all has to do with its old and tired looks. However, the GT is doing very well and I assume in Germany the touring will also do well. A quick facelift on the sedan version is very much needed. In the words of a taxi driver in Hamburg: “I never thought that BMW will ever make a 5 series for the taxi market, but they just have with their new 5 series sedan”!

    • Babken says:

      August sales are very promising. The 5 Series is the best automobile in its segment.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Absolutely, the 5 Series should go back to sleep and wake up with more energetic looks. Who wants to drive a sleepy looking car around? Adrian VH, please wake up yourself and get some youngsters to design cars for you, clearly you don’t know what modern, sleek and sharp means.

        btw, I came across this old rendering of the X3 before the actual one came out: I would take this car over the real one anyday. Look how much better this looks as compared to the loaf of bread BMW just launched!

        • Babken says:

          You know, the first time when I saw the new 5 Series, it didn’t impress me much, but now it has gown a lot to me. And it’s the most beautiful 5 Series ever made and the only PERFECT automobile in its class. And many people say that it’s much more beautiful in real life than in photos. I believe them.

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