LA Lakers Andrew Bynum showcases his BMW M6 – 820 hp

Videos | August 26th, 2010 by 17
andrew bynum bmw m6

LA Lakers superstart Andrew Bynum takes the time to showcases his pimped out BMW M6. Furthermore, he goes on camera sharing his love for BMW and how he came to appreciate the brand.

The two-tone painted M6 went through some cosmetic changes, from the black and white paint to carbon fiber roof, lightweight performance wheels, customized Brembo Brakes, redesigned fenders and many more.

To impress even further, Bynum chose to go with a G-Power Stage 3 kit exhaust system and 200 extra horsepower. The same G-Power Supercharger we have seen before was installed in his car, taking the overall horsepower count to 820.

andrew bynum bmw m6 655x341

To show his love for the German brand, the car sports the national flag, a nice touch overall.

But here is where it gets interesting, a 7 ft tall person will certainly have a hard time getting into the low-sitting M6, but he shares with us his tricks.

Bynum was drafted 10th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005. He became the youngest player ever to play an NBA game later that year, breaking Jermaine O’Neal’s record.