Today, California-based company, ARKYM announces their first all ARKYM bodykit for the BMW M3 E92. ARKYM combines form, function and aerodynamics with industry standard materials and production efficiency to develop some innovative bodykits and original design.

The latest bodykit includes the Aerorace Hood, Aerorace Trunk Boot Lid, Aerosport Front Lip and Aerosport Rear Diffuser. As expected, carbon fiber is used all around, and each ARKYM carbon fiber product carries and delivers functional, 100% form fitting, cutting-edge designs that complete the visual appearance, aerodynamic performance, and motorsport appeal.

ARKYM AeroRace Trunk Boot Lid comes in two flavors, Single Side Carbon for $1249 and Double Side Carbon priced at $1699. The Aerorace Hood for the M3 Coupe sells for $1,999, while the Aerosport Front Lip and Rear Diffuser come with a price tag of $549, respectively $449.

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To illustrate the new bodykit, PYSpeed has provided us with an extensive photo gallery.