WheelSTO takes another step further into the Japanese tuning world. Next in line, Studie AG inYokohama, Japan.

The final stop before Johan@WSTO jumped on the plane back to the states.

We saved the best for last, and it was worth it. We finally ended our trip at the head quarter of Studie AG in Yokohama, Japan. The home of it all. Studie AG has 5 shops all over Japan including Tokyo, Sendai, Kobe and Kidnie. The owner of Studie AG, Bob Suzuki waited to meet up with Johan. It was a short meeting but very memorable. He gave him a few gifts including a Studie AG +Das Foto- photo book, and some cool goodies as well, anyways let’s tour the shop!

As we arrived to the Studie/Base!

The outside of the shop, relocated below the Yokohama train rails. The architecture of the shop is very simple, and clean. But inside it holds some of the most phenomenal BMW motor cars in Japan and all over the world. There is shop in the world like it. Some people will never understand why Studie paints their cars in wacky colors, and has anime inspired vinyl schemes but you have to understand that no one would ever think about doing those things to a full competition Super GT race car. Not only are they a tuning shop, but what sets them apart from the rest is that they know how to combine culture with motor sports in a wild, artistic and a well executed manner. Nothing like it!

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Willkommen to Studie/Base! BMW Parking only!

Outside the shop, without even stepping inside. You can see how enthusiastic the guys at Studie AG are. Collections of toys, and scale models, enthusiasts coming straight from the heart. The Studie “Logo” designed from Bob’s personal friend who is an artist. Around the shop, you can see all the artwork displayed everywhere. A sticker wall dedicated to all the tuner shops, and companies that work with Studie is proudly displayed at the entrance.

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A sticker wall dedicated to all the tuner shops, and companies that work with Studie is proudly displayed at the entrance.


3D Design. Studie AG is Japan’s biggest 3D Design dealer.

As you walk in, you can see the huge collection and display of AC Schnitzer wheels and products. Studie AG is Japan’s biggest dealer of AC Schnitzer products and is the home to AC Schnitzer Japan.



Yokohama’s home brand, Yokohama/ADVAN display with ADVAN Racing, and AVS racing wheels and ADVAN tires.

Like any showroom, they have a variety of historic photos of their history, racing victories, and literature for anyone to enjoy.

For any BMW Racing, or F1 fan.

The legendary BMW M12 /7 motor. Derived, and built for Formula 1 using engine blue prints from the 60’s it uses a 16v head with a slide throttle fuel injection (Bosch/Kugelfischer) , titanium connecting rods, dry-sump oil system. Studie AG proudly displays this rare, and unobtainable piece of racing history, right in their show room.


The famous Warsteiner E30 M3 DTM race car. Built for pure racing sports, with race prepped S14 motor. The engine was swapped out for a Sony Playstation 3, with a Gran Turismo driving simulator.



BBS, Volk Racing, and 3D Design Brombacher wheels are proudly displayed in the showroom. You will never see a replica wheel here!


Studie AG carries so many accessories. I am talking everything from keyfobs, PIAA/Belloff lighting, the original “Golfball” shift knob, and everything you can imagine for your BMW. Even with the intent of not purchasing anything, its very hard to walk out of this place without buying something.

Studie AG highly recommend Okada Projects. Plasma Direct, a Japanese brand that specializes in high quality ignition and spark systems for most popular tuner cars.


ARQRAY displays some of their quality units. They specialize in high quality, JASMA legal exhaust systems for exotic, and import cars. You can see the quality welds, and finish on these units from just looking at the pictures.


They have even managed to catch Spider man himself! and a random surf board on display. It’s quite a different perspective of a “tuner” shop isn’t it?


As we step into their work shop, and garage bay. You can see how the atmosphere changes from a showroom, to a serious, racing and tuning shop.


Even during the late hours, there are many customers who are willing to stay late to have their cars worked and serviced on.


G-SWAT, one of the most famous alignment specialists in Japan.
Studie AG uses their equipment to precisely align their customer, and racing cars. The customers can also see how their cars are aligned and worked on without any issues. Unlike many shops in the US, where you patiently wait a room with old magazines, most Japanese tuner shops have display windows so you can see what is going on behind those closed doors. “Piece of mind”


A brilliant white E89 Z4 owned by a customer with full AC Schnitzer aero parts, and matte black AC Schnitzer IV wheels.


A beautiful Phoenix Yellow E46 M3 with Volk Racing CE28n in Titanium Silver.


An E87 1-Series hatch, getting some ADVAN Racing RZ wheels mounted, with a Gruppe-M carbon intake kit installed.


This ends our tour of Studie/Base! Yokohama. We are very grateful to have a strong partnership with Studie AG, and sharing of their passionate drive towards BMW Motorsports culture, and racing. We would like to thank our friends @ Studie AG Japan, and 3D Design for treating us with warm hospitality, and giving us the time of our lives and chance to share this amazing experience with all the BMW enthusiasts in the US, and worldwide.