*Updated with photos* Tasteless: BMW X5 M in Gold color

BMW X5 | August 21st, 2010 by 24
GoldX5M 2 750x500

Some people just don’t have taste in cars. Others don’t have any taste in colors, but at the same time, there is a small group of people that believe an unique color combination is the way to stand out in the tens of millions of BMWs out there.

Meet the BMW X5 Gold, or even better said, a wannabe “look at me” car that uses vinyl tape to give the X5 a disturbing gold plated paint.

No profiling here, but the owner seem to come from the Land of Russia, the same place where the Gold BMW M5 took our eye vision away. And not in a good way.

gold bmw x5 655x332

Not sure what the trend is in that part of Europe, but flashy vehicles have been known to appeal to the Russian market and we see no reason why this X5 Gold color wouldn’t be a hit among local aficionados.

Put your sunglasses on, sit back and…..enjoy this “piece of art”.

Oh and sorry you have to sit through the first two minutes before seeing the car.

Update: Photos of the X5 M in Gold vinyl.

24 responses to “*Updated with photos* Tasteless: BMW X5 M in Gold color”

  1. pimeto says:

    Well, this is X5 M. It doesn’t look bad, i think… but i never buy one!

  2. BMfan says:

    what’s ur own point Horatiu? the owner loves it and maybe if u see it in real life u might really like it too. slamming ‘tasteless’ on the car is tasteless.

  3. Max says:

    I dont know why but it looks good for me. lol.

  4. Shincai says:

    I think it looks cool!

  5. M.Pertz says:

    Dear Horatiu, I dont know why you consider this beeing “tasteless” because it looks nice. If we talk about taste, I can say that I dont like your woman because it’s ugly like hell, and you might say the same thing about mine. So let’s do not talk about what is tasteless and what it is not. Agree?

  6. 1Mc says:

    Maybe it’s for a club promotion or something. Maybe used for PR purposes for all we know. I think although I personally don’t like the gold wrapping on cars, maybe the guys above are right that we shouldn’t inject our personal opinions on taste into reporting. I happen to like bright orange Bimmers, and many people find that awful. Taste is personal..

    Then again it is Horatiu’s site so..!

  7. Billy says:

    This isnt tastless at all; the gold goes much better with the x5m than the 5er in my opinion.

    BTW, horatiu, if you want to put your opinions on the blog, you should do it for everything, or not at all. It seems random that one moment your posting an ugly concept cs without comment and suddenly bashing a ‘tasteless’ mod.

  8. wazon8 says:

    They should be more careful, one can see blisters at 2:20.

  9. wazon8 says:

    Nice movie anyway. As for being tasteless or not, as far as I know Russians they love gold things, so numbers of them will find this car amazing.

  10. viper says:

    u dont like russians ho.

  11. Clinton Campbell says:

    I like it, it’s unique and not like “unique” loll I really looks good

  12. n8n says:

    I prefer the black matte color, but this one match to X5M perfect :D:D
    Does anyone know the track name that appears at the end? Please, mail me :)

  13. ndru says:

    That guy have a business named RE-STYLING. So, look at ‘wannabe “look at me” car that uses vinyl tape’ like on marketing action and btw i think it works! :)

  14. Bryce says:

    If I was going to pay that much money for a vehicle and I wanted to change the color, then I would probably spend the money to have it done right. If the owner likes the color, then that’s what counts, but he could at least have spent the money to have it done right. Vinyl tape is not the right way to change the color of a vehicle, especially of such a high class vehicle as the X5M.

  15. Laszlo says:

    not that bad at all. plus why associate Russians with a bad taste ? I can see this vehicle very much in place anywhere in the US. NBA players, rappers, drug lords would all love this vehicle. Lets not forget who started the chrome wheels and gold inserts and spinners ! ! ! This isn’t half as bad as when a “player” buys a 500usd 85 Chevy Carpice and isntalls a 5000usd 26″ chrome wheel and nitto tire set along with a candy apple 1000usd paint job. His car will be still a 500usd piece of crap but he already spent 5 years of food stamps on it…

    lets not stereotype people, Russians or not this looks pretty good to me, although I would not want one.

  16. lol says:

    Normally I hate lame vinyl like chrome or gold brick patterns but with the angles of the X5 and how its not overly reflective I think it actually looks rather good.

  17. Roger says:

    Horatio, looks like you’ve taken some heat on this one. Suffice to say, I think you’re absolutely right — this X5 looks completely ghetto and is 100% opposite of what BMW stands for. If you want to drive a car that looks like a Nissan, go buy yourself a Nissan. There’s no “driving joy” in making other people cring… heh.

  18. ABC says:

    It’s not tasteless, as you probably don’t know Russia and Russians. That’s how they roll, man! :-)

    And it actually looks quite good, even though I am not that flashy, so would never drive one. But would certainly love to see one passing by!

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