Rumor: BMW 6 Series Shooting Brake Concept to be unveiled in Paris

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Rumor of the week comes from UK magazine AutoExpress and it revolves around the long-time rumored BMW Shooting Brake based on the new 6 Series and Gran Coupe bodystyle. According to the magazine, BMW’s Research and Development chief Dr Klaus Draeger has let slip that the firm’s board is considering a Shooting Brake version of the next 6 Series.

Dr. Draeger mentions that the car has already been built in a concept form by BMW’s design boss Adrian Von Hooydonk. The 6 Series Shooting Brake Concept could be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October.

To add even more spin to this speculation, the same magazines mentions that BMW could recycle its Gran Turismo name for the concept, and will use the event to gauge public reaction before deciding whether to give the car the production green light.

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Based on the Gran Coupé four-door displayed at the Beijing Motor Show earlier this year, the Shooting Brake forms part of the brand’s plans to widen the appeal of the next-generation 6-Series.

As always, we advise you to take this with a grain of salt, but at the same time, it is fair to acknowledge that trustworthy sources have mentioned this model in the past.

In 2009, the 6 Series-based Shooting Brake was scratched off BMW’s roadmap, mostly due to the challenging economic climate and the further investment into EfficientDynamics and Project i.

Based on our sources input, the BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake sits lower than the 5 Series Touring and has a more sloping roof towards the rear of the car. The rear quarter light is also smaller than the 5er Touring.

Shooting Brake is seen initially as the “second car”, a vehicle that will be used mostly on the weekends for the customer who works in the city and retires to his weekend residence.

The split tailgate entails a classic “Shooting Brake” style in which a picnic can be laid on the lower half of the tailgate or could be used as a temporary seat to watch the afternoons proceedings of an event.

With the new 6 Series being unveiled at the Paris auto Show, BMW might prepare another 6 Series variant as a surprise for its customers.

[Source: AutoExpress ]