New Nissan 370Z and GT-R Ads Poke fun at its German competitors

Interesting | August 14th, 2010 by 23
Nissan Werbung 370Z vs Porsche Audi BMW 01 750x410

Last automaker to join the “online advertising war” is Nissan. While in the past we have seen BMW and Audi, or Mercedes going at it, now it’s Nissan’s turn to take on all the German premium brands. The new aggressive advertising campaign brings the Nissan 370z and GT-R into the spotlight. The Japanese company launched a series of banners and ads in the UK highlighting the performance of their automobiles at a much more affordable price than their German competitors.

The unconventional, bold and daring campaign uses expressions like “The Winner Hans Down,” “The Germans Came Off Wurst,” “Kaisers Chiefed” and “Deutschland Deutschland Über-Rated”.

But Nissan hasn’t stopped here and decided to take this to the next level. The dressed up an Audi TTS with a print on the car saying “More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z”, while driving the German roadster on the streets of London.

Nissan Werbung 370Z vs Porsche Audi BMW 655x436

Porsche Cayman was next and its printed message said: “I dream of being as fast as a Nissan 370Z”…..and Nissan is quite proud of this. According to Steve McLennan, marketing director, “Nissan is confident in the ability of 370Z and GT-R to eclipse our comparable German rivals in terms of outright performance and accessibility and it’s now time to shout about it.” Talk about confidence……

The campaign is far from being over and the next one to have a painted target on their backs are the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxter.

Nissan Werbung 370Z vs Porsche Audi BMW 01 655x354

Nissan prides themselves on building the 370z with a naturally aspirated 3.7 liters V6, outputting 331 horsepower. The 370z goes against the BMW Z4 sDrive35i.

The first outdoor poster concerning the 370Z went on display on the huge 360-degree 47ft tall BFI IMAX billboard at Waterloo, London.

We look forward to the BMW Z4-related ads…


[Source: Carscoop ]