Rendering: BMW Z4 Shooting Brake

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BMW Z4 Shooting Brake 750x500

“Shooting Brake” – is a 2-door car body style with a squared-off rear. They generally have a rear liftgate like a wagon or a hatchback although one or a pair of side-hinged doors is also sometimes seen.

The term originated with custom built 2-door luxury estate cars altered for use by hunters and other sportsmen such as golfers, riders, and polo players requiring easy access to larger storage areas than offered by the typical automobile boot.

Back in 1999, BMW introduced the Z3 Coupe featuring a chassis-stiffening rear hatch area, a Shooting Brake model that was quite controversial. Around the same time, BMW also introduced the M Coupe, another Shooting Brake styled high performance vehicle produced by the M Division.
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Despite being highly acclaimed by the enthusiasts, the Z4 Shooting Brake seem to have consumed its run at BMW and several reports claim that the Munich-based automaker has no plans for a new Shooting Brake vehicle based on the new E89 Z4 Roadster.

But rendering artists continue to have a field day with the Shooting Brake design idea and used their efforts to draw up a Shooting Brake version of the latest Z4.

The result? Not our cup of tea, but we will let you be the judge.

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15 responses to “Rendering: BMW Z4 Shooting Brake”

  1. bob says:

    Pretty dopey. If BMW had plans for such a coupe then, the E89 — all purpose coupe/cabrio — would not be config’d as it is.

    Even more dopey is any comparo with the E36/8, aka ‘smurf hearse’…BMW’s version of, ‘Because we can…’

    Recall also that CEB, given the timing of his hiring, was only able to make limited changes to the E36/7 prior to SOP; the E36/8 was his way of ‘sending a message’.

    Personally, those times are gone. We won’t see a ‘Z4 shooting brake’ anymore than we’ll see an E90/F30-based ‘Kompact’, given the existence of the 1 Series & MINI.

    We need to follow BMW more closely…

  2. Alvin Wong says:

    It definitely looks interesting, but the Z4 is a little too big to look good as a Shooting Brake. The Z3 and Z3M Coupes pulled it off cause the Z3 was smaller.

  3. wazon8 says:

    Definitely nice car!

  4. aaa says:

    they better off this car than 5GT or X6… this is awesome

    • Wooo hoo. says:

      Funny, Lat I heard, X6 production can’t keep up with demand….. Not sure a Z4M would “sell out”, nor did the precious gen.

      BMW isn’t just “sports cars”….. driving dynamics is a bonus…it’s all about status now…

  5. Ted Spahr says:

    If the rear wheel arch didn’t protrude into the rear quarter window, I think it’d look a lot better. My dream BMW is a ’01-’02 M Coupe, if they produced this, it would definitely be added to the stable.

  6. Andrew says:

    I like it. Looks much more like the Z3 Coupe than the previous Z4. I think it has handsome lines and could be a great seller. We’ll never see it due to the Z4 having a hardtop convertible roof though.

  7. Laszlo says:

    a cult car for sure. Love the basic idea of turning a good product into different forms.
    They promised that they will not do it from the Z4 and they did. It was again a success. They definitely promised there will be no M version of the new Z4. I think its already in the making… so keep our fingers crossed.
    The only trouble is, the Z3 and Z4 was made in Spburg/Greer and the new one is in Austria at Styer. I think it will cost more to make it there then it would have cost here, specially that the product would have a larger sales number in the US.
    If they do, the x35iS engine would suit this fine with the 7spd dual clutch. Make it simple and effective. 1 engine 1 transmission and 1 setup – sport only. It will be a success and a cult car. offer all kinds of accessories and add-on’s such as carbon splitter, carbon thins carbon that and you will have a hard time counting all the money that would pour in. I would also ditch some unneeded extras from the list, make the roof out of carbon fiber to make it light.
    It could end up being a cayman fighter !

    • bob says:

      Actually, the E89 is produced at BMW’s plant in Regensberg (Germany), not Magna Int’l’s Magna-Steyr operations near Graz, Austria.

      BMW didn’t have any plans to produce the E86 — due in part to the E36/8’s sales figures — until Magna showed that it could be developed cost-effectively.

      As for sales, the US market’s *take* of total worldwide sales, = (NA / AG), is dramatically less for the E89, than it was for the E36/7-8 and E85-86 programs.

      AG will release their 1Q 2010 financials tomorrow, including sales figures.

  8. elgee says:

    very nice

  9. Kenee says:

    Good use of 5 Gt looks

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