In the video below, Anders Warming, Head of Exterior Design BMW, shows the details and ideas behind this elegant BMW Concept Gran Coupe.

Scheduled for production in 2012, the BMW Concept Gran Coupe gives us an early preview of some of the changes in BMW’s design language. The new concept embodies high-quality elegance combined with dynamic design lines, a preview of the new 6 Series family.

In its dynamically striking proportions, the 4-door vehicle reveals the classic features of a BMW coupe, yet at the same time offers a fascinating and aesthetically impressive formal style.

BMW Concept Gran Coupé BMW Welt 14 655x491

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to bring you exclusively real life photos from the Welt where BMW is currently showcasing the Gran Coupe.

The European debut will take place later this month at the Moscow Auto Show, followed by Paris in late September.