Comparison: 2011 BMW 535i vs. 2010 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro, 2011 Infiniti M37

5-series | July 26th, 2010 by 105
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In their latest issue, Car and Driver magazine publishes as a cover story a “rematch” between the new 2011 BMW 535i against Audi’s A6 3.0T …

In their latest issue, Car and Driver magazine publishes as a cover story a “rematch” between the new 2011 BMW 535i against Audi’s A6 3.0T and Infiniti’s M37 model. Previous comparisons were quite favorable for the new 5 Series, but interesting enough, it comes in the third place this time with the Audi A6 taking the top spot.

Main concern? The lack of steering feel.

Let’s have a look.

“A BMW finishes third in a three-car comparo? For those of you who monthly accuse us of porcine gorging at BMW’s fiscal trough, will this persuade you otherwise? Didn’t think so.

What, exactly, befell the new 535i? Steering feel. Rather, lack of steering feel. The new electric power assist has not only rendered the steering uncommunicative—particularly on-center—but, for some reason, it has also become heavier. When you can’t determine road textures and slip angles and how hard those 19-inch Goodyear run-flats are working, you lose confidence if the roads are damp and as kinked as week-old spaghetti.

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And when you lose confidence, the poison seeps into other crevices. Notice, for instance, that the 535i demonstrated terrific skidpad grip—an objective rating. Then, in the hills, its handling earned the lowest score—a subjective rating. That, in turn, infected the fun-to-drive ranking, where the BMW tanked because it’s simply no bowl of cherries predicting real-world lateral stick when the steering coughs up so few clues. Guess wrong and you’ll seriously rearrange the C-pillar’s signature “Hofmeister kink.”

This is the sort of faux pas—like the original X3’s granitic ride—that BMW corrects pronto, so we have hope. And, in truth, the mute steering did offer the best interstate tracking. Combine that with the quietest cabin at a 70-mph cruise and you’ve got a stellar cross-country  vacationeer. Speaking of treks, how come a nav system isn’t stand­ard in a car in this class?

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Otherwise, there was much here to admire. The brake pedal proved a paradigm of linearity and predictability, scoring a perfect 10. The tractable single-turbo inline-six evinced no lag and was as vibrationless and silky as any of BMW’s reciprocating devices. (Funny that the engine cover is emblazoned with the words “Twin Power Turbo.”) And the 535i was quickest to 60 mph and in its 50-to-70-mph passing potential.”

Full review here

105 responses to “Comparison: 2011 BMW 535i vs. 2010 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro, 2011 Infiniti M37”

  1. Gabe says:

    You mean steering “feel” not “wheel”.

  2. oo says:

    that audi looks stupid

    • Tom says:

      That audi looks more than stupid. It’s ugly and it’s getting old

      • Drugs says:

        looks is subjective , but if it didnt have fwd (and that huge overhang) I’d take the Audi over the BMW anyday , because i think it looks better.

        The 5er lost its balls with this generation , and the tail lights look like they come from 1978.

        • Shincai says:

          U must be high man…

          • FreudeKing says:

            I just don’t like driving VW’s, whether it has an Audi badge faking premium or a VW badge and I most certainly not pay a premium price for something that is imitating to be premium.

          • Abc says:

            So is Porsche a fake premium brand along with Lamborghini and Bentley since they all are owned by VW?
            So people like to talk out the rear end.

          • David Villar says:


          • David Villar says:

            You’re definitely miss informed about the Audi being VW. That used to be the case back in the late 70’s early 80’s. That being said, did YOU know that the Audi/VW/Porsche conglomerate, merged with Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti in 1998? Some very prestigious car lines: I may add, a tad better than Mercedes or BMW. If you are any kind of REAL car guy, you’d know that you’ll actually see Lambo insignia on some of the Audi parts, not just VW… Such an ignorant comment. Do your research, before you make such comments…

  3. Mitchell says:

    I am a huge BMW fan, my family owns 4, an X5, a 3 series, an X3 and a 5 series. I’d have to agree with C&D this time…well kind of…A couple weeks ago when BMW was having the Ultimate Driving Event, I test drove a 550i and the A6. Not direct competitors, but we didn’t want to wait for the 535 so we took the 550i. But the A6 felt numb and lame. The 550 was awesome when you wanted to pass someone, but overall it felt too big and heavy and the steering feel was very bland. I would still put it ahead of the A6, but I was just very disappointed, especially compared to the 530i that I drive. The steering was just not there..

    • Artur says:

      Buy an E-Class and you’ll forget about the shit called 5 series.

      • FreudeKing says:

        You must know that there is a serious problem when so many people are complaining about the electric steering, making a BMW drive like a non-BMW (throwing away one of the most important brand identy right out the window).

        This is a shame and a pity! BMW, I don’t think your electric steering serves much saving fuel anyway and now you have detroyed one of the core competitive advantages of your products.

        • Artur says:

          Mercedes-Benz owns bmw in every way just like the E-Class owns the pathetic 5 series.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            You are repeating yourself and using defamatory words. We have no problem letting people express their opinion, but you’re repeating yourself and not bringing anything constructive to the table.

            Stop cursing and nothing will get deleted

        • Mitchell says:

          Yeah exactly! I think it’s funny that when the new 5 was being introduced to me, they asked, “Do you think BMW is luxury first then sport or visa versa” and their answer was “sport first”

    • David Villar says:

      If you drove the A6 3.2 I could see your point; but if you drove the A6 3.0T, then I really don’t think I can.Although we all have our opinions and put value on different performance factors.. Respectfully, Dave

  4. benzinaru' says:

    infiniti look’s horrible, why don’t they compare with a lexus, and in my opinion this test was made for the US version of this cars, becouse I don’t think infiniti made that car for europe??????

  5. Auday says:

    Regardless of the competitors, but for me when a review of a BMW is complaining about the steering feedback it tells me that there is something very wrong. What makes BMW special is mainly this, the feel of control that comes from the steering wheel feedback, so if they compromise this they compromise the definition of the car.

    I haven’t driven the car myself, but I don’t see any reason why a known magazine would risk going into a heresy like that if it has no bases. It’s like someone drives a Ferrari and saying it’s not sport, or drive a Rolls and say it’s not luxurious. Shame BMW for making your cars another Mercedes or Lexus.

    • Artur says:

      Your comment is OK except the idea that bmw make their cars another Mercedes. bmw can never make their idiotic cars even close to Mercedes-Benz. Don’t you know the famous saying?
      “THERE ARE 2 GROUPS OF CARS: 1.MERCEDES-BENZ, 2. the rest including your crap bmw”.

      • FreudeKing says:

        It is a real SHAME that the 5 series does not drive like a BMW anymore.

        • Auday says:

          Hey Viper, I haven’t driven the new E class yet, but I rented a brand new 2009 C300 last year during a trip to San Diego, and honestly it was so lame I had to go all the way back to the airport to exchange it the next day. I got a G37 and it was a much more decent car.

          And since when did you change your name to Artur?

      • Alex says:

        The only thing that is worse than Mercedes POS so-called “cars” are Mercedes fan-boys. My dear God you are pathetic.

        • Artur says:

          Can you bring an argument that supports your viewpoint? Certainly not. I brought several arguments that prove the E-Class is one head above the 5 series, and so is Mercedes-Benz compared to bmw. Want it or not bmw is a mediocre brand made for mediocre people who can’t afford Mercedes-Benz and have inferior positions in the society. Instead the reach and politicians of the highest grade buy Mercedes-Benz.
          Benz is status, while bmw is nothing special, just an ordinary transportation means.

          • Brad says:

            Artur…you’re a moron. There’s some supporting facts that support the truth behind the nonsense that Mercedes is a superior automobile.

  6. badger says:

    Audi A6 is getting too old. Some reviews have said the new 5er has lost a bit of its magic, but i mean compared to its rivals it looks amazing.

  7. 330i says:

    this test is so fake…bmw number 1

  8. 330i says:

    this is the real test….the best medium sedan that money can buy…the end

    • Giom says:

      Good find 330i!

      With C&D, I feel like they’ve decided the winner beforhand. Almost like following a script.

      With Vicky, you just get the feeling that she’s really impressed by the five without being subjective.

      • kcsnyud says:

        Um, i think car and driver was nice to bmws in the past… so its bmws fault and it shows they are turning into crap. It hurts me to say this but GO AUDI AND INFINITI!!

        • Artur says:

          Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Just trust me: if you enter the cabin of the E-Class and drive it, you’ll forget about bmw. Take anything: luxury, comfort, engine, handling, the E-Class far outclasses the 5 series. Hence the E-Class dominance in its segment leaving the 5 series crying of pain.

          • kcsnyud says:

            Actually, i think the xf is the leader. The e class is better than 5er but worse than xf.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            E class over the 5 series in Handling and engine, you got to be kidding, Even the Ford Mustang is better than the Mb on all models when it comes to that. A benz is just a luxury car and thats it.

        • David Villar says:

          Agree with your Audi comment. Not an Infiniti fan; however, it is a better vehicle for the money than the Mercedes and BMW in question here. So agreed all around.

    • Artur says:

      The best medium sedan in terms of breakdowns awkwardness.

  9. 330i says:

    Fifth gear is one of the best shows, which also has one of the best drivers, the real drivers … therefore whatever they say about cars i believe them…And as far as C & D, I believe that Audi has paid article :D

  10. Hantra says:

    I’ve got to agree.

    I drove the 550i with sport package the other day, and that was my number one complaint. I was extremely disappointed with the steering. It’s very vague.

    It overshadows even the amazing engine in this car. Sad.

  11. Artur says:

    If this shit called 5 series can’t even overcome an old audi or infinity, how dare you compare it to the E-Class?
    E-Class=THE KING!
    So go and drive your idiotic 5 series, bmw dreamers. We all know that people who want the best will buy an E-Class over 5 series 10 times out of 10.

    • Tom says:

      another dumb comment. go away.

    • Shincai says:

      Then go fking buy the E-Class man… Leave this blog now because nobody here cares about your shit comments.
      I doubt you’ll ever have a W212 E-class.
      You deffenitely sound like a kid lol u’r lame.
      As Woody Allen said “Never argue with a idiot, they will lower you to their level and then beat you with experience”
      Just ignore this idiot, folks

      • Artur says:

        I now see which of us is an idiot. It’s obviously you, because I have a sound argument that proves the E-Class is thousand times a better automobile than your pathetic mediocre 5 series: THE SALES NUMBERS, a criterion bmw fans bring over to prove that their idiotic brand is better than the PRESTIGIOUS MERCEDES-BENZ.

        • Shincai says:

          All your arguments are fking childish…
          You act like a kid you talk like a kid you are a stupid kid.
          Go tell dady to buy an E-Class and drive u around…
          I’m more of a BMW fan, but I respect Mercedes.
          Unlike you.
          I’d never call a BMW or Mercedes or Audi a “shit”
          because all of these cars are great in different ways.
          BMW and Mercedes do plenty of things together and invest new technologies together.
          Like the hybrid thing.
          ActiveHybrid and Bluehybrid they’re pretty much the same

    • Laszlo says:

      the new E-class is really good. Extremely good. In fact light years better then the old one. So when you say the E class is a king, it is a king of the e-classes but is it enough to beat the F10 5 series ? not sure. I need to drive both side by side with a similar engine and then… magazines and testers have agreed that the 2 car is as close to each other as it is possible. The E-class as always puts the emphasis on driving luxury and comfort while the BMW puts the sportiness and acceleration and handling into the center. Both cars are good and while I’m a BMW fan (having 4 BMW cars at the moment) I have to agree that the new E-class styling is better then the BMW.
      But this has been true since the 96-02 E-class disappeared (that one was an ugly stick) and unfortunately the BMW become the dog of the Germans. But the good news is bungle is gone and the cars are starting to look better and better. It will take more then 1 generation to shred all that crap bungle forced on, but the direction is definitely a positive one.
      bungle’s crap remains in a few models still and the F10 5series is one of them.
      BMW for some reason could not find the style to meet the European pedestrian crash requirements. The front end looks like a forced-on piece, does not flow with the rest of the car. MB and Audi and others have created s shape that incorporates the elevated hood better.

      • 330i says:

        i agree about everything you said laszlo but to me F10 5 series is the best series ever made(design) and in any way is better than the e class,especially in design

      • Artur says:

        The E-Class is much, much, much better than the 5 series in everything be it luxury, comfort, performance or handling. No competition at all. bmw always was just a mediocre alternative for those people who couldn’t afford a Mercedes-Benz. Take any parameter: engine output? Well, call a bmw that can beat the S65 AMG on the straight line. Handling? Name a bmw that can beat the SLS AMG. Luxury and comfort? Name a bmw that even come close to the S-CLASS.
        So, bmw IS FOR THE INFERIOR!
        So go and drive your shitty 5 series that already breaks down /recalls due to fuel gauges/. And I earn enough to afford the new E-Class. But I’ll never buy a crap called 5 series.

        • Babken says:

          Cool down, pal. Artur is my brother, and he’s come to Armenia on his vacation. We use the same computer, but I can’t forbid him to make comments. He’s a benz fan and he has a disgust over BMW. The E-class is good. No one questions that. Maybe for now it’s better than the 5 Series because of its sales figures. But let’s wait a bit. The new 5er has just entered the market. As for Artur’s comment made above, yes, I admit that there’s not a BMW that can be so fast as the S65 AMG on the straight line or handle as superbly as the SLS AMG. And that’s a slap in the M division’s face. We’ll see what the upcoming M5 can say about that. But as for the S-Class, I’ll object, because there’s 7 Series which is at least as comfortable and luxurious as the S-Class.

          • Artur says:

            I’m glad, Babken, you accept the truth. The E-Class always was, is and will always be NUMBER 1 in its segment want it or not. And I state once more: if your new 5 series can’t even beat an old audi or crap infinity, don’t dare compare it to the E-Class, as it’s an insult towards Mercedes-Benz. You’d better compare the new 5 series with a Camry or Golf. Maybe then the 5 series will have a chance.

    • David Villar says:

      If you’re talking king in the Mercedes class then its AMG, right up there with Audi S class and BMW’s supposed great M series, but to say that E is King?

  12. Babken says:

    I said for now. But further tests are yet to come. So are the sales.

  13. Rad Dockery says:

    Drove the 5 Series at the BMW Innovation days drive in Toronto. IT was ok but lacked the fun handling of the E60. No question. It didn’t seem as fun at the E60. I have to make a decision on car by Jan and right now I”m leaning towards the Jaguar XF or XFR

    • Artur says:

      Lean towards the E-Class. All the rest just try to come close. But never want to buy a 5 series. bmw will soon run bankrupt because of the E-Class.

  14. Sam says:

    This artur guys is hilarious,I am kind of enjoying his state of mind

  15. Sam says:

    The transmission in the new E class sucks balls

  16. paul says:

    i have to agree with them…the 5series is the most complete car out there but this idea of electric steering is destroying the brand. I have tested the new 5 and more recently the 3ser coup with runflats and i will tell you I wouldnt trade my E46 for any of them. Way too heavy, the runflats were hard and noisy and the steering lifeless. Is there a way for bmw fans to write to a board member complaining about these issues? I would have loved to trade my X3 for the new one but i just know that its going to be crap to drive – btw bmw placed an order for a RR sport….first non bmw car in my garage for over 10 years!!! because of your stupid lifeless electric steering

  17. Artur says:

    Well done, Horatio. You can delete my comments as long as you wish, but the world now buys E-Class and not your crappy 5 series. Soon bmw will run bankrupt. Why? Because they have nothing in common with automobile making. Maybe they switch to making bullshit.

  18. Artur says:

    Do you know, bmw fans, why bmw named it “5” series? Because the E-Class heavily beats the 5er with these 5 criteria:
    5. The rest.

  19. Artur says:

    Also, Mercedes-Benz sells about 18000 units of the E-Class monthly. Do you know how many 5 series bmw managed to sell in about 3 months? Just 25000 units. Too pathetic for the fat-ass 5 series. It looks such helpless rubbish when put in front of the E-CLASS.

  20. 330i says:

    arthur here is one more win for bmw 7 series….mercedes will never build great as will bmw…

    BMW 760Li vs Mercedes S63 AMG – Top Gear – BBC

    • Artur says:

      Here’s an absolute win for Mercedes-Benz: S65 AMG vs 760i. Name a 7 series that can come close to the ultimate S-Class: S65 AMG.

  21. Artur says:

    How do you feel, bmw fans when seeing that an old generation audi or infinity leave your “famed” 5 series far behind in the hills. You used to say: “Power is nothing without handling”. Now for your bmw I can surely say: “There’s no power at all. Handling? bmw is far from understanding the meaning of that word”.

  22. Artur says:

    How do you feel, bmw fans when you see how a 450hp entry-level C63 AMG smokes your “almighty” m5 or m6 on the straight line not speaking of the pathetic m3?
    Or how do you feel when people say that they’re afraid to take a corner in the new 5 at speeds above 30 kmh? These are arguments that make bmw look like a “truck” from 1960s. Or how do you feel, when you go to Miami where the strong of this world come to have a rest, and see only S-Classes and not even one crappy 7 series? That’s why:

    • wazon8 says:

      You’re obviously a child. How do you feel about poor slalom speed of e63amg? BTW, which M5 is a rival for 2010 E63AMG. The one produced 5 years ago or the the one which is comming? If you were a bit more aware, you would know that cars between which 5 years difference hold are cars from different generations. BTW, there is no track on which e63amg deals with M3. You’re really narrowminded man, since you focus only on straight line acceleration. It’s simply not what BMW is all about and numbers of MB fans cannot get a point that taking corners give much more fan. M3 e46 CSL was lower on straight line acceleration than numbers of cars, but on a track it was better than even then supercars. That car expresses the spirit of M-cars. If you don’t get it, what are you doing here?

      That’s pretty pathetic that MB fans come here and try to convince all that MB are so great. If they are, why do you waste your time on people who are so blind as we BMW fans?

      • Artur says:

        The slalom speed of the E63 AMG? Very fine. E63 AMG>Cadillac CTS-V>bmw m5. So just imagine what the E63 AMG does to your idiotic turtle m5. And I don’t only talk about the straight line. In terms of handling Mercedes-Benz is far better than your bmw as well. The same E63 AMG turns to dust any m “truck”. I don’t even bring in the Black Series or SLS AMG. Your bmw is for mediocre people like you. And Mercedes-Benz is for the strong people like me. bmw means no reputation, while Mercedes-Benz means STATUS, something bmw can never provide with their pathetic 5 series.

        • wazon8 says:

          Slalom speed for e63amg is 68.8 mph, for m5 e60 is 68.9 mph. Little improvement when we take into consideration that m5 e60 is already 5 years old. And one more interesting thing is that M5 e60 is still faster from 0 to 200 km/h. How do you feel about that? This E63 amg is big disappointed, since it is worse than previous generation of M5. And remember M3 e92 is the best handling sedan base car on the world, its slalom speed is close to Porsche GT3 RS (0,2 mph difference in favour of GT3 RS). MB has no such car.

          • Babken says:

            But anyway, visit, draw comparison between the new E63 AMG and the E60 M5 and you’ll see that the benz is way faster on the track. That means that it has a better engine /which by the way won the last 2 performance engine awards in the International Engine of the Year Award/ and a better chassis. But the upcoming M5 will take back its crown.

      • Artur says:

        I just want to see if you can bring any serious argument proving that bmw is as good as Mercedes-Benz, but as I see you further deepen my confidence in Mercedes-Benz. Thank you.

  23. Artur says:

    I hope I shut your mouths up, bmw fans, because I brought clear facts proving that Mercedes-Benz is far superior to bmw and you couldn’t prove the vice versa. My brother Babken doesn’t quarrel with me any more. He just sits into his 1997 bmw 523i and watches as an e320 turns his turtle-like bmw into floor cloth. I think that soon he’ll get rid of his Ultimate Breaking Truck and buy the right car: E-Class.

    • Shincai says:

      You obviosly have never driven an E63 AMG before.
      And neither an M5.
      You judge these cars by the videos you see on youtube and by numbers…
      You’re lame kid…
      If BMW is so bad then why does Mercedes use BMW’s technologies aswell?
      Answer that smart ass…
      BMW and Mercedes both use the same hybrid technology.
      They invest technologies together.
      You’re a retard seriously.
      You’ll never proove anything to us.
      You’ll never convice us so it’s useless for u to even try.
      You’re just spamming this blog with useless comments… What makes me mad because I can’t read normal people’s comments….
      I dont ‘know what’s your goal…
      You’re just insulting BMW like a child… You seriously don’t know anything about cars. All you know is what you saw on the TV. nothing more
      You have no experience in cars.
      It’s a whole blog against you. Give up.

      • Artur says:

        I certainly understand a lot more in automobiles than you do. First, I brought clear facts proving that Mercedes-Benz is far better than bmw. Just one more time: name a bmw that can beat the S65 AMG on the straight line or the SLS AMG on the track. There’s no such a bmw and there will never be. I don’t even bring in the Black Series. Second, yes, Mercedes-Benz and bmw do use some united technologies but that doesn’t bring bmw even close to Mercedes-Benz.
        Be it luxury, comfort, reliability, engine, handling, anything: Mercedes-Benz is one head above your crappy bmw. Want it or not, bmw dreamer. I feel pity for you.

  24. Babken says:

    That’s enough, Artur. Yes, for now I admit that the E-Class is way better than the 5 Series, and maybe Mercedes-Benz is better than BMW. But I like BMW. This is it. If you think that benz is better, think so. But I drive my 5 Series and will never change it for the E-Class.

    • Artur says:

      One is ready. One Mercedes-Benz fan will win your entire blog. If I could prove to Babken that Mercedes-Benz is better than bmw, then the rest of you is not a problem. I’ll make bmw bankrupt.

  25. Artur says:

    Horatio, rename your blog “Mercedes-Benz blog” and then the automotive world will have respect for you.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      That’s the first thing on my To-Do list.

      • Babken says:

        Horatio, Artur is too emotional, but I can’t say that he’s no experience with automobiles. In fact he has great experience, much greater than me. But indeed I have nothing to say regarding the S65 AMG or SLS AMG, not mentioning the Black Series. And BMW must do something about that.

        • Auday says:

          Yeah maybe, but he definitely has zero experience in getting involved in polite civilized conversation or debate.
          Does he have any mental issues? being ignored by people around him maybe? life is putting him under lots of pressure? I don’t mean to insult but honestly this kid needs some attention, whatever his name is Viper/Artur ….etc
          Don’t get me wrong, I like to see people criticizing BMW and give another opinion in an objective civilized way in the end we post here to hear different opinions. but when some kid is crying loud in the corner to screw up the conversation of the adults in the room and to get some attention, then someone needs to take him out.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Autur, all you are doing is making more people dislike mercedes benz.

  26. Babken says:

    Artur, it’s enough. Go and drive your idiotic E-Class and have fun elsewhere. I’m sure time will prove the opposite to what you say. I’ll never believe that the E-Class can even come close to the 5 Series. That’s ENOUGH. My friends, this clown will never disturb you again.

  27. Babken says:

    My friends,
    Let’s fill ourselves with patience and wait for upcoming reviews and, which is more important, sales numbers. I’m sure that the 5 Series will regain its dominance in its segment.

  28. Shincai says:

    Even Jeremy Clarkson said that the new 5 series is a great car!
    And we all know what kind of person Clarkson is :D
    So gtfo Arthur with your pointless kid comments.

  29. Gurcay says:

    Audi A6 is getting too old. Some reviews have said the new 5er has lost a bit of its magic, but i mean compared to its rivals it looks amazing.

  30. viper says:

    I AGREE WITH car and driver although I would need to drive infinity as well. but in terms of looks . bmw is a loser , thats all I can say. weak and dull fat looking 1992ish no balls at all.

    back on off toopic.

    MB with AMG packakge not E63 AMG….the car is a beast. very robust looking and feels like that too. the looks are kind of darth vader…(I drove the car a few days ago) , I have no words to describe the new E class, the bmw 5er is just a weak alternative to E class. THATS IT.
    audi A6 feels better too (than 5er) ofcourse because I like 4 rings as well.
    there is simply no better line up than audi , apart form THA BENZ.
    A1 , A3 , A4 (a seriously awesome car) , A5 beautiful coupe , you can chose as a sedan too , A6 a true limo full of high tech , wouldnt ask for more , new A7 , I am speachless , A8 a flag ship a space ship , enterprise . , R8 a true supercar , Q5 a medium suv and Q7 the XXL of german suvs. there is no question about the QUALITY OF AUDI. what do these cars all share?
    bmw has none of these , Im so sick and tired of this unfair attitude that rules on this blog. the amount of CRAP on this blog is just incredible. yea go bmw , even though you look gayish you are the best. because you are for boys and crybabies (just like I was once) , REAL MAN drive BENZ , if you cant afford BENZ you go for AUDI , just a joke. they are about the same price anyway. bmw is by far the worst car of three.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Do all you care about are the looks? Who cares about cosmetics. You can get the best looking car in the world but it sucks when your driving, Whats the point. Everytime you comment a blog, You always it looks horrible or its ugly.
      Point is, Drive the Car. Then , You can start talking which one is best and vice versa.

    • Babken says:

      Put an M package on the 5 Series and the e-class is lost. Though for that the 5er needs just the standard package as well.

  31. Daniel Hoang says:

    Open as in Completely Bias to a Benz.

  32. Babken says:

    My friends,
    I told Artur not to enter this blog anymore, and he promised not to. So don’t worry.

  33. 2 smooth says:

    I have driven all three top competitors vehicles audi was the most sporty, benz was most prestige and the best quality plus ride quality bmw steering felt on point and strong with great handling around corners and turns. Out of the three the first one I would buy brand new would have 2 be a benz e550 next possibly 335is then a5 since the rs5 is not hitting U.S. market.

  34. kaan says:

    thank you very much indeed for that

  35. AKO says:

    this is not a really test.Infiniti never can be better than BMW.

  36. rick says:

    BMW steering is awesome. Make sure you get the Dynamic Handling package or Msport package so you can change it back to sport feel, comfort feel or normal. The older BMW did not have this. Most all the newer BMWs will have this and it makes a huge difference.

  37. rick says:

    Has anyone test drove the new 5series with the Dynamic handling or the Msport and got the opportunity to open it up and change the suspension settings? Also if that person had the previous 5 or previous 5 series models?

  38. miamisizzle says:

    i drive a 5 series bmw I have been driving since I was 14 I am now 52 I have driven porsche mercedes audi infinity and I can say without reservation that the bwm takes all hands down,,,apart from the incredible beauty and design perfection bmw has found the perfect harmony between the german exciting sport feel and the luxurious feel of a great sedan….just when you think that you have experienced all of your bmw a new situation is presented to you on the road and your bmw outperforms your wildest expectations…I have never driven a car that gets better as is goes up in it milage….please dont lie to yourselves drive all the competitors and if you are not being influence by outside factors such as economies and envy, you will have to admit that bmw is a master piece

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