Lexus brings the “advertising war” to BMW, Audi and Mercedes

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Last one to join the “advertising duel” in the automotive world is the Japanese luxury automaker Lexus. In their latest online adverts, Lexus is trying to make a strong statement to its direct competitors: BMW, Audi and of course, Mercedes.

BMW has been placing their bets on the “Joy” marketing slogan, Audi has been tooting their own horn with “Progress is beautiful”, and Mercedes claims its superior elegance, but Lexus comes to dis all of these statements with their own:” The Lexus Range. Where optional is standard”, a conclusion to the full message: “There’s NO JOY, NO PROGRESS, NO ELEGANCE, in paying extra for what should come standard”.

To bring support to their case, Lexus goes ahead and lists some of the optional features or packages available in the three German brands, but standard in the Lexus vehicles.

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The message sent is clear and one has to admit, the visual representation is very clever, an interesting marketing approach to online advertising and they make these “advertising wars” even more appealing to all of us.

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[Source: 10and5 ]