BMW Gran Coupe approved for production

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In the eve of BMW’s Design Night at the Welt in Munich, BMW has confirmed that the Gran Coupe Concept has been greenligted for production. …

In the eve of BMW’s Design Night at the Welt in Munich, BMW has confirmed that the Gran Coupe Concept has been greenligted for production. According to our own sources and German magazine, Automobilwoche, the new car will be sold under BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe badge.

The overall design from the concept version will remain, including the frameless windows and B-pillar, and the Gran Coupe will be marketed as a four-door coupe, a direct competitor to the Mercedes CLS and Audi A7. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will share some design cues with the new 6 Series family, and some front and rear-end visual details will be carried over to the new 6 Series Coupe.

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe will be unveiled in the Summer of 2012 and will go on sale later that year. The car will join the 6 Series production line at the Dingolfling plant. Gran Coupe will be available with a choice of four engines, evenly split between diesels and gasoline powerplants. An ActiveHybrid model is also in works.

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An unconfirmed report mentions the possibility of a M Gran Coupe model, but in our opinion, it is still too soon to asses if an M model will fit in the line-up.

Videos from the BMW Design Night in Munich

[Source: Scott27, Motobullet, Automobilwoche ]

30 responses to “BMW Gran Coupe approved for production”

  1. bob says:

    AW seems fluent auf Deutsch…

  2. viper says:

    old news..M is so for this kind of car.but knowing bmw they will probably miss that opportunity.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I don’t think so, M is not for this type of car. BMW M is not a Merc where they just put huge engines into big fat cars and call them AMG. Please! BMW M is not an old man’s car.

      • viper says:

        you dont know what ur blabling about.
        oh according to you Im an old man. stupid.

        • Acctually they are doing a M version. so there will be a bmw m6 gran coupe! uhh that sounds sweet :-) they say its going to have more than 500hp but i dont know exaclty how much…

        • Pandamalone says:

          It is you who keeps demonstrating the ignorance and arrogance. Why don’t you just go get a life instead of staying here being looked down time to time? Or you just so enjoy such feeling? If so I suggest u go see a psych doctor.

  3. Laszlo says:

    Finally a car that we will be proud again. Well done BMW, crank a nice niche car out during recession. This is what makes people forget bad times and look forward to good times.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Is it not taking a bit long. We will probably only see the car in two years time and this is based on a nice design concept that was started about 5 years ago at that time. All this with Audi’s A7 launching on 26th July this year!!! It seems delayed to me.

  4. Shincai says:

    Beautiful car!
    Real CLS killer!
    I want that 6 liter twin-turbo V12 in this baby!

  5. EMPOWER says:

    there has been alot of talk on here that there will be no m6 .where is the evidence for this. if bmw makes a x5 m i think they will make an m6 coupe and also m6 gc the engine is already to go from the m5 plus the running gear it would not cost them much to develope it. It would be like them making the x5m but not making an x6 m. Bmw has said that it is pushing upmarket. They offered an m package for the 7 for the first time made the x6 plus M verision of the x5 and x6 plus the 5 gt.If you were talking about the 5 gt not having a place in the line up for an M verision i could understand. But some people seem to think they will not make an m6 coupe or convertable or the a m6 gc lol. Bmw is making a 1 m but they wont make an m6. Why wouldnt they. Some people think its because of the planed super car, these cars will be completely different but i think the two cars may over lap in price a bit. but most bmw do anyway. I cant wait to see the m6 gc and all the other vairants. In my opinion an M verision would fit nicely at the top of the 6 range. it would be the 5th most exspenive bmw behind the 760i, 760il, M6 convetiable, M6 coupe. But you might have a point and they might just make an 660i but i doubt it.

  6. EMPOWER says:

    shincal wouldnt you like the new m5 engine a re-worked verivion of the x6 m engine more power less weight instead. i cant see a 660i but may be an mild v8 hybrid v12 perfomance but 19 % less fuel consumption then a v8. that would keep the tree huges happy in the us as you guys wont get a disel 6er. that would of set the m6 nicely

    • FreudeKing says:

      I think the M6 lacks soul. They should make a super car instead. Besides, the 6 Series design ahs not been outstanding from the beginning. It looks turtle like.

      • wazon8 says:

        What’s wrong with you? Why does powerful coupe lack soul? And yes, its design was outstanding. Do you remember what coupes were sold in 2005?

        • FreudeKing says:

          If I say it lacks soul, it lacks soul purely because of the its inferiority of a certain future and an established past like the M3 and M5. It is also not a product that is so outstanding and attention grabing as the likes of an R8, which would give it instant publicity and word of mouth advertising.

          So unfortunately the M6 is short from being something remarkable. To simply put it for you: it is not a product that is the reason why people like the BMW brand, unlike the R8.

          • wazon8 says:

            It’s not a supercar, but it’s great and powerful coupe and has everything that such kind of car needs. And it has a soul of huge powerful coupe. I don’t know why you believe that supercars attract customers. If that was the case, BMW wouldn’t be the biggest seller of premium cars. They are, despite the fact that they don’t have supercar for 30 years and despite that their main rivals have a supercars in offer. Which buyer of cars in 3-er segment, 5-er or 6-er care about whether there is supercar in line up? I really wonder whether you’ve ever spent any singnificant amount of money on car. When I go for a car costing close to 40k euro, what I care about is what I will get for my money and supercar being in line up is not a part of it. If you think that having supercar changes customer’s perception of a given brand, you’re badly wrong. It doesn’t. If it did, BMW should be losing to MB and to Audi right now. The lesson: when it comes to spend real money on car, customers care about features of given product that they are supposed to buy, not about some unrelated thing.

            BTW, the fact that based on 3-er BMW is doing great in Le Mans and Nurburgring 24H Race is much more attractive for a potential buyer of BMW’s sedans than supercar. At the end of a day, their sedan base construction dealed with supercars.

          • BimmerFan says:

            wazon 8, what are you on about?you clearly don’t know anything about brand image and the building of one. of course the buyers of the 3, 5, 6 and whatever product care about brand image and having a supercar helps a brand, especially a brand that is built on its sportiness like BMW. you are so ignorant that you don’t know that most customers buying bmw buy it because it has a good brand image??? you seriously need to stop making a fool of yourself and get educated. i think the vw and totyota customers like yourself wouldn’t care whether vw / jap cars have supercars.

            just for the record, you clearly also have no idea of the developemnt of the premium sector of the auto market. bmw, although still first is losing market share to audi and mb. this to me is a clear sign of a slip.

          • FreudeKing says:

            Sorry to let you know this but I buy BMWs because I feel that the brand and what it stands for most suits my personality. I also hate to burst your bubble but we are talking about premium cars here, people buy cars because they like the brand, not becasue of some functionality or whatever you are suggesting, which only works for the sub-premium market. Do you even drive a car in the premium market because it doesn’t seem like it.

            You clearly also do not have any marketing or commerce background as you have no idea what a brand is.

            Why am I even wasting my time here??? You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

          • wazon8 says:

            Sorry, guys but BMW’s success is the best counterexample to the theory of supercar working on image. They hasn’t had a supercar for a 30 years and became in that time the biggest luxury car sellers and they did despite the fact that MB had better initial image as luxury car maker and released McLaren SLR. Why is that if having supercar is so important? Similarly, Lexus deosn’t have a supercar and still is bigger luxury cars sellers in U.S. than Audi. Why is that? And finally, why despite having supercar Audi’s cars above 50k $ sell as shit in U.S.? In this segment they don’t even get close to BMW in pretty long period. Nissan made semi-supercar and its image didn’t profit much from it. Your theory simply generates wrong prediction and my point is that car maker can work successfully on its image without supercar. BMW is the best example.

            You can read your textbooks to marketing strategy, but damn they all base on some hypothesis some of which simply don’t work. Social science are not physics (where numbers of successful hypothesis turned out not to be true eighter). And you recomend me to think in framework of theory that doesn’t work. Who is fool then? It’s very similar story as imagine improvement from being involved in F1. Brands that were luxury stayed luxury, those that didn’t stayed where they were. What are profits for Toyota, Renault and so on for their being in F1? Barely neither. All opinions about these brands stayed the same. Nobody claims that Toyota or Renault have outstanding technology in their cars despite being in F1. Even advertisement from Renault reffering to their success in F1 didn’t generate expected increase. One again, image is buildt upon another things than supercars and other kind of successes unrelated to what is in cars.

            FreudeKing, where did you read something about functionality from me?! Caring about what is in car deosn’t amount to

  7. Vaybach Khan says:

    the dream car would be made hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FreudeKing says:

      If they are going to take that long to make it, then I am afriad to say that they will probably tone it so down that it will look like a normal, ordinary car like the current 6 series with 4 doors. Would you be excited about that?

      I do hope that they will see what Audi is coming up with on 26th with their A7 and make relevant changes so that this car will exceed what Audi bring to the market at the end of this year, as they will have 2 years to do whatever changes they need to do.

      • Vaybach Khan says:

        yes i saw a7 pic and its passat cc like…..if 6 series is to you normal ordinary car then yo drive enzo probably…but for me to have 4 door coupe is the ultimate concept,and if it is the ultimate driving machine then its a real dream…

      • wazon8 says:

        Well, it’s exiciting exactly because it bases on coupe!

  8. tweer says:

    Beautiful car, if I ever decide to go that huge I’ll be having one, if the new 6 series looks like that, I’ll be dropping my X :D

  9. n8n says:

    Magnificiant ;)))))))))))) I love this car already!!!
    Non of the japan cars will be such beautiful and awesome as BMW!! :)

  10. Kenee says:

    Good to see the 5 GT in the coming new 6 series.

  11. woww what a car i want to bye this but where??????

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