Rumormill: BMW looking at a new X model: X-Style

Rumors | July 10th, 2010 by 16
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Following the successful, yet controversial, BMW X6, (83,000 units since 2008), a new X-model is rumored to join the crossover family. According to the same restless BMW insider, Scott, the Munich-based automaker is planning a downsized version of X6 Sport Activity Coupe.

While rumors of a new BMW X4 have been floating around for years now, this new model is said to be built on the new generation F25 X3 platform. Known internally as X-Style, the car is said to be heavily based on the upcoming X3, but will retain its coupe roof line at the rear-end and a muscular body as seen in the X6.

Quoting the same source, this new design proposal is quite different than before,  instead of a conventional tailgate like the X6, the idea put forward is to increase its flexibility by offering a two-way hatch similar to the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. While maintaining a coupe-like roofline, the X-Style will have a conventional sedan rear-end.

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BMW X4 Rendering

Since all the X-models came with a label attach to them, the X-Style is said to be a Sports Activity Sedan.

The car has not yet been greenlighted for production, but an X-Style in Concept design is expected to be shown in the future.

The X-Style would be an entirely cost effective project because of the platform, drivetrains and engines sharing with the X3.