Rumor: MINI CANYON Project

Rumors | July 10th, 2010 by 1
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BMW’s rumormill returns with some interesting news around the MINI brand. According to the BMW insider Scott27, the Oxford-based brand is looking to expand its lineup with a new model along the lines of MINI Countryman.

While the Beachcomber concept continues to remain on the table as a production model, MINI is looking to offer an alternative to the hipster five-door concept. The MINI Canyon will be aimed at the “corporate image” demographic.

Using the same platform as the Countryman, the Canyon is rumored to be a three-door vehicle, shorter than “its brother” and with the All4 drivetrain. MINI Canyon is an idea that takes the formula used in the MINI Coupe, but translated into a small Activity MINI, utilizing 3 doors and space for four people.

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The MINI Canyon will be fighting for market share with the Land Rover Evoque. The uniqueness in the MINI Canyon comes from the unusual “Origami” roofline that flows in coupe shape giving the car a dynamic loo. The design also features a luggage box built into the roof for extra flexibility.

While the car has yet to be greenlighted for production, it continues to sit on the drawing board at MINI and awaiting to see how it could fit in the upcoming MINI family. The badge is also not set in stone and could change if it makes into production.

With the new MINI Countryman, the Oxford-based automaker adventures into new territories, seeking new customers by offering a wide range of vehicles. If successful, the Countryman will most likely open the door for future All4 models.

[Source: Germancarforum ]