Autocar drives the new ALPINA B5

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Earlier this week, Buchloe-based automaker ALPINA, unveiled their latest iteration of the B5 model. Built on the BMW F10 5 Series Sedan, ALPINA B5 enhances …

Earlier this week, Buchloe-based automaker ALPINA, unveiled their latest iteration of the B5 model. Built on the BMW F10 5 Series Sedan, ALPINA B5 enhances the aggressive look of the current 5 Series by offering its own treatment. Similar to what we have seen on the B7, the new B5 offers a blend of luxurious performance, elegant styling, sporty handling and exclusivity.

Under the hood the B5 carries the current V8 engine from BMW, which is also used in the ALPINA B7. The engine found in the B5 carries the internal designation N63 and has its power output set to 507 horsepower and maximum torque of 700 Nm. The powerplant is matted to a modified version of ZF’s eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The new B5 has been put through a quick test drive by the fellows at Autocar.

Alpina B5 17101010141333612x408

Jaw-droppingly fast. We drove the B5 from Alpina’s base in Buchloe to the UK – in time for its appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed – and with an empty stretch of autobahn in front of it, it’s supercar quick.

Alpina’s claim of 0-62mph in 4.7sec feels conservative – and as for the top speed, well, we saw an indicated 190mph with three and their luggage aboard, and it was still pulling strongly.

Truth is, though, that making a 5-series with this engine feel strong on a motorway was never going to be the biggest challenge faced by Alpina’s engineers. More testing is the task of making it handle on poor surfaces and twisty roads, and here the firm’s modifications – lower suspension, non-runflat tyres and comprehensive reprogramming of BMW’s adjustable dampers – pays off.

We wouldn’t say the B5 has precisely the same level of agility and subtlety as Jaguar’s XFR – but it’s not far off it at all, and that means it’s very good indeed. Revised steering programming makes the wheel feel lighter at low speeds than a 5-series, and weightier when you’re pushing on, and it’s a more satisfying set-up than BMW’s.

With the car in Sport or Sport+ set-up the ride is firm but still compliant (no runflats, remember, just Michelin Pilot Sport 2s, or Pilot Super Sports on the final cars) and body control is excellent.

That trick transmission works well, too; we can’t think of many dual-clutch units that beat it on speed and smoothness. The engine has massive urge from beneath 2000rpm, and if you push on it makes a great Nascar-esque soundtrack. It’s perfectly docile for everyday use, though; cruise along at 80mph (barely 1900rpm) and it’s silent.

Should I buy one?

At around £70k, the B5 will sit above the Jaguar XFR on price, but beat it hands down on exclusivity. Even our car – production prototype number one – was beautifully finished, the spec is relatively generous by BMW standards and Alpina can also offer a personal service matched by no mass manufacturer.

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3 responses to “Autocar drives the new ALPINA B5”

  1. sell bmw says:

    from personal experience the B5 is an incredibly sought after car especially those with custom mods.

  2. Mav Sandhu says:

    i was lucky enough to drive this very car at Goodwood. It was sensational, so much torque, so much power, never looking for a gear…. Apparently they worked with ZF to enhance the gearbox.
    the M5 has a job on its hands to top this.
    holy cow.

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