GTSpirit drives the Hamann Tycoon Evo M

BMW X6 M | July 3rd, 2010 by 4
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The folks over at GT Spirit had a chance to review the Hamann Tycoon Evo M based on the BMW X6 M. The 670 hp/493kW …

The folks over at GT Spirit had a chance to review the Hamann Tycoon Evo M based on the BMW X6 M. The 670 hp/493kW horsepower and 300 km/h fast TYCOON EVO M, made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last March.

The standard amount of horsepower is achieved at 6,000rpm, with a peak torque of 680Nm (501lb-ft) available from 1,500 to 5,650rpm. The party ends at 7,000rpm.

The Tycoon Evo M runs from 0-100km/h (62mph) in 4.7 seconds.

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Here is an excerpt from their review.

“Hamann’s improvements with respect to the engine shed a different light on these figures. The technical program includes a stainless steel high performance exhaust system with metal catalysers and a newly programmed map for the serial motronic extending the speed limit up to 300km/h. They kept the standard common manifold system. The improvements offers 670hp at 6,000rpm and 780Nm torque at 1,500 – 5,650rpm. This is an increase of 115hp and 100Nm compared to the serial version. From 0 to 100 is improved by half a second up to 4,2 seconds. If requested, Hamann can boost the engine up to a point that 3,6 seconds from 0 to 100km/h is possible.

Not only the performance increase is noticeable after an initial drive, but the exhaust track sounding through the sedan cabin of the SUV is new to any existing X6 M driver. The soundtrack of the high performance exhaust system is similar for both systems available and improves over time due to the kilometer-age covered. The test vehicle was equipped with the center exhaust setup including to massive end-pipes. A second system with pipes on either side of the vehicle is available as well. The sound inside fills the cabin with a reasonable volume level that increases in tone when the twin-turbo kicks in. At higher speeds it is music in your ears not even in the interior but also for the spectators feeling the mastodon passing by raising the hairs on the back of their necks.”

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Overall coming to a conclusion is not really difficult in the case of the BMW X6 M. The German manufacturer has made a big, tall, heavy, sedan-looking truck that handles like a performance car, but we are wondering why this was needed. It doesn’t look like a proper a M vehicle, it only handles like one! It is just insane and ridiculous, so what is the point?

Hamann however adds exactly that bit of missing flavor to the existing package making it 100% extraordinary.

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