The folks over at WheelSTO are sharing with us the final episode of their WSTO 135i series. Titled “The Final One”,  this article will bring into the world of customization and tunning of one of the most exciting and enthusiastic current BMW vehicles: 135i Coupe.

“The Final One”. What does that actually mean? Well, in our eyes it’s the vision of accomplishment with many attempts at perfection and finally standing there, looking at the car and thinking to yourself, ” What have we built … ”

We would like to use this opportunity to unveil our 1 Series and write the final chapter of the 1 Series project.

As you know the WSTO 135i has been through many stages, and changes throughout its life time since from when it rolled out of the BMW dealership to its current state. In most projects, most of them end up being very biased, with no attention to the small detail. We here at WSTO believe in personality when it comes to modifying your vehicle, whether if its something small like a set of Muteki SR48 lug nuts to a full carbon weave hood from 3D Design. No part is too small. Imagination is the limit.

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During our trip to Bimmerfest, time was an issue. Utilizing all the short amount of time we had, we got all the parts installed in time, and unveiled our updated 1 series for the show debut! It was a great hit, and we had many compliments but but we were asked many questions about the parts we had recently installed, and what they exactly did to improve performance.

Here is the original thread before our Bimmerfest trip with some teaser shots.

If you didn’t know. We moved to a new shop!

In our new location, we have an immaculate display room with brilliant white walls and a glossy white coated floor. We took advantage of this great photo opportunity and shot a few photos of the 1, with some excellent detail of the new wheels and tires. Rays Engineering Volk Racing G2with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires. We chose the elusive Formula Silver to bring out the beauty of this fine forged, tough racing wheel. The sizing we used was 18 x 8 +45 in the front, and 18 x 9 +50 in the rears with 225/40 and 255/35 Vredestein tires for an optimum, and well rounded street tire. We also used Macht Schnell 75mm stud kit, and Macht Schnell 10mm spacers for more aggressive fitment. We chose 18″ sizing for the light weight, and the variety of high performance tires available and chose H&R Sport springs to aid the factory sport suspension and keep the car planted.

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A great shot of the ARC Power Brace over the menacing N54 motor. The ARC Power Brace was a flawless, and perfect fit with the addition of the CPM Lower Re-enforcement brace, it helped increase stiffness in the front end which aided to smoother turn in, and better predictability. The engine modifications were kept basic. We used a aFe intake kit with a Synapse blow off valve kit with charge pipe to keep the N54 breathe as well a Macht Schnell air scoop to help force air into the engine. All the parts are fine tuned using a ESS Tuned Stage II ecu flash.


Gauges are very important to a forced induction car. We used the 3D Design gauge pod ashtray retrofit which was a direct fit with 52mm Pivot Hybrid gauges that fit snugged perfectly in the pod. We opted to use Boost/Vac, Water Temperature, and Exhaust Temperature for the critical engine read outs. As you insert the BMW key fob, and start the ignition… You see the beautiful, LED gauge readings with the stepper needles doing the full sweep. It is a good feeling to know your engine vitals are properly read so you are ensured peace of mind of those hard, spirited drives.

Every interior needs a little personality. We kept it simple with the 3D Design Gauge pod and Pivot Gauges. But it needed something more… So we added some 3D Design aluminum sport pedals and 3D Design floor mats to give it a subtle yet look.

What kind of project car would this be without a proper test drive? We took the 135i for a mandatory tour through some scenic locations to test out some of the new goodies!

During our spirited drive, we had to try out some of new parts. I can tell you, it was pure enjoyment! Using the Pivot 3 Drive Flat Throttle controller, we set it to Sport Mode, and instantly the response of the car changed. It’s an amazing unit! I’ve always had a issue with newer cars and the laggy throttle-by-wire. Using the Pivot throttle controller, the lag was almost gone. It gave the car quick response and great feedback as you gave it throttle.


As we drove to a quiet forest preserve, imagine being in the opposite lane of traffic, you can see this car with the Bellof SIRIUS LED rings angel eyes, with the 3D Design valvetronic quad exhaust with Macht Schnell 3″ downpipe and Berk Technology cat-less, resonated mid pipe humming by…A definite sight to see and hear!

After giving it a bit of a cool down at the forest preserve. We needed a change of scenery. So we drove the car to the busy, and lively city of Chicago.

When we arrived, we took it to the last place anyone would ever want to drive and take photos of their car. I personally love this location, it brings out the qualities of any car being photographed, as the atmosphere is dark and grimey. You can see the details of the 3D Design urethane front lip, 3D Design trunk spoiler, and the BMW Performance shadow grills under the contrasting light. You might recognize this location.


We would like thank all of our 1Addicts members for viewing our previous project threads and keeping the interest!

Specials Thanks to:

3D Design Japan, Lager Corporation, Studie Japan, Ray’s Engineering/Mackin Industries, Macht Schnell, Berk Technology, A&L, IND.