Autoblog drives the 2011 BMW ALPINA B7

7 Series | June 30th, 2010 by 5
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Autoblog has just published their impressions on the 2011 BMW ALPINA B7, the same very car we tested last month on track at a BMW event.

Before we jump into their review, let’s have a look at our impressions of the car, as captured by our editor Shawn Molnar:

“Absolutely, this is one of the finest cars ALPINA has ever made. Based upon the new F01 7 Series sedan, ALPINA GmbH takes details into their own hands, producing a unique, focused and exclusive performance luxury sedan.

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Why would I state performance in front of luxury in this description? After all, the B7 is based upon the ultra luxurious BMW 7 Series. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; if you are still wondering, perhaps you should have a look at our photo gallery.

The special allure of this car became clear: the B7 is an exclusive car that accomplishes everything well through a concept coined by ALPINA as “AND engineering.” Powerful and restrained. Razor sharp on the track and comfortable on the roadway. Relaxed, poised and a real animal, craving to melt the asphalt. ALPINA cars give off an aura of speed, refinement and class. Driving one is momentous, an experience not quickly forgotten.

The epitome of power, luxury, and exclusivity awaits you; but be careful – they say this much power can corrupt.”

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And now onto the comprehensive review by Autoblog.

Right about now you’re probably wondering, “So how’s it all work?” Damn fine. After having the opportunity to drive in a variety of new 7-Series, the B7 reveals itself as exceptional.

On the road when driven as a normal car (as normal as any 7-Series can be), the Alpina performs flawlessly. In either Comfort or normal suspension modes, the ride is calmly controlled and fluid, not harsh. Other characteristics of the big 7 apply to the Alpina variant.

However, step into the throttle and everything changes. The big sedan suddenly feels like a muscle-bound 5-Series. As things start to happen faster, the B7 somehow seems to shrink in physical size and weight, loosing hundreds of pounds from its 4,564-pound curb.

The B7’s 507 horsepower has something to do with the sensation. Once you uncork the power genie, it’s nearly impossible to put it back in the bottle. It comes on in a turbine-like rush that didn’t trail off even as we crested 130 mph and doesn’t begin to trail off until the red speedo needle swings past 160.

BMW also gave us the opportunity to drive the B7 at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. We drove it on the course called Lightning, and were easily hitting the same speeds as when piloting a 2011 M3. On one straightaway, we regularly crested 130 mph, at which point we tromped heavily on the brakes. The B7 handled everything with ease.


Still, there’s no denying that the 7 Series is the premier handler of the executive car class, and the changes Alpina has made to the suspension just plain work, allowing you to funnel as many of the 4.4-liter V8’s 507 horsepower and 517 torques to the ground as you’d like in nearly every situation.

All-in-all, the B7 is one hell of an executive express – but then again, so is the less costly 7-Series.

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5 responses to “Autoblog drives the 2011 BMW ALPINA B7”

  1. Ted says:

    Might be the best all-around car ever.

  2. Gene Zellcompare says:

    Proud owner of 2011 B7 and everything you read does not remotely compare to the actual JOY driving this beauty. I drove the S63 and honestly would rather own a regular 750 BMW.

    Alpina is the BEST of the BEST !!!

    Superb Job by Alpina !!!


  3. NickJ says:

    What color did you get and how has the experience been comfort and suspension on rough pavement. I ordered a B7 for European delivery. Looking forward to a great experience was between the Quattroporte Panamera Turbo and this and styling mixed with power and practicality won. Could not wait for M5 and felt this was going to be more refined. my B7 will be ready in late October

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