Marketing majors, advertising gurus, video producers and directors…please make room for the leader in the online marketing campaigns: MINI.

In their latest viral video, MINI shows one more time how online communities can be conquered and how viral content spreads. Using their recent gimmick, a racing challenge against the Porsche 911, MINI releases a new video that turns out to be a hilarious Rocky IV spoof.

For those of you that might have missed the story of MINI vs. Porsche, here is a quick recap.

MINI USA CEO Jim McDowell, wanted Porsche USA president Detlev von Platen to meet him at Road Atlanta on June 21st with the drivers of their choice.

A few days later, Porsche has officially turned down the “offer”. MINI has not given up and McDowell counterattacked, but Porsche went silent.

But with genius video, we certainly expect Porsche to give some sort of official response.

[Source: Jalopnik ]