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Alfa Romeo Duettotanta 750x500

The speculative UK magazine AutoExpress returns once again with what they call BMW’s “incredible plans for a sensational two-seater roadster”. Based on some of their …

The speculative UK magazine AutoExpress returns once again with what they call BMW’s “incredible plans for a sensational two-seater roadster”. Based on some of their sources and information posted recently by BMWBLOG, they “reveal”, in a rendering format, a future BMW Z9 supercar.

Dubbed Z9 Spyder and based on the California Spyder Concept unveiled in 2005, the supercar is said to be taking on Audi’s flagship, the R8. Built as a two-seater roadster, the new model will be sitting at the top of BMW’s line-up.

Speculating even further, AutoExpress mentions that BMW’s executives have put the supercar back on the drawing table. Now before we get into their exclusive illustrations, allow us to introduce their assumptions, followed but what we learned in the past.

z9front 655x436

AutoExpress states that the proportions are of a classic roadster, with the driver pushed right back to near the rear wheels, while there’s a long bonnet and tiny front and rear overhangs to give the car a real sporting character. At the back, the double-bubble deck is a retro touch similar to that on Porsche’s Boxster Spyder.

Layer surfacing is being introduced in this concept, as seen in the Vision EfficientDynamics unveiled at Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009. The active front splitter and rear diffuser will change shape at speed to optimise air flow around the car to improve fuel efficiency.


Key to the resurrection of the roadster project is BMW’s upcoming electric urban car. The machine will be made from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) to save weight, developed by Seattle-based SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers. The material will be used throughout the Z9 too, making it light and very strong.The flagship roadster will use BMW’s large car platform from the 5, 6 and 7-Series. Both aluminium and magnesium will be used in the subframes and suspension to save weight….

bmw z9 spyder rear 655x436

Now let’s have a look where all this started.

Nearly a month ago, we first posted some exclusive information on this new exciting project, that has YET to be officially confirmed or greenlighted.

At the time, we said that labeled as Dr. Norbert Reithofer’s “Dream Project”, the BMW “Z” Spyder Stradale (Renderings) takes off from the original BMW California Spyder Project. The new concept is said to have a low driving position, set back towards the rear axle with a heavily raked screen and long hood and short rear overhang. Form and function are equally important in this model and there is an evaluation to present the car when the customer opens the door.

The key element behind this concept is BMW’s joint venture with SGL Carbon which will produce components and panels for the MegaCity vehicles, and eventually spread to other BMW models. Spyder Stradale will be one of the beneficiary because this joint venture is going to be highly cost effective for BMW.

The Spyder Stradale picks up where the Z8 left, and retains an aluminum structure. The front of the car will be a mix of steel, aluminum and magnesium. For the passenger area, there is an addition of a carbon fiber tube that will be bonded with an aluminum floorplan. The rear cross frames will also be carbon fiber with the rear suspension a mix of aluminum, magnesium and steel.

The original idea of a folding hardtop is retained with its two piece folding top being constructed of carbon fiber. The door skins and bonnet will be aluminum and reinforced plastic is being used for the front wings and rear bootlid.

Design elements are still in initial phases, but BMW sources say to expect a very sport, aggressive front end with signature indicators (a feature of all up and coming BMW Coupes and Roadsters) underneath the headlights which will be smaller thanks to the latest developments in LED technology.

The BMW Z Spyder Stradale will feature a larger kidney grille that allows more air into the engine. Also, a movable front spoiler will move in the direction of airflow. At the rear of the car, for the first time in a BMW, we will see a Pop-Up Aerodynamic aid that lifts up and then slides out. There is also an additional lip on the top of the spoiler that raises for extra downforce.

Again, the project has not been officially confirmed by anyone at BMW.

Now, onto the exclusive illustrations.

The model rendered above by AutoEXpress has its roots in an Alfa Romeo model, more specifically, the Duettotanta model, but it adds some design cues from the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics.

Alfa Romeo Duettotanta

Alfa Romeo Duettotanta-01

Overall, interesting renderings, even though not original. Most likely, if the Z9 Spyder will get greenlighted, the design language will vastly vary.

[Renderings by AutoExpress | Original information by Scott27]

22 responses to “Renderings: BMW Z9 Spyder Supercar”

  1. Doug says:

    Layer surfacing? That sounds like what the Vision’s language would be named, but I don’t see it here.

    Also, you say that the diffusors “change shape” — what does that mean? Flexible materials?

  2. T says:

    I was searching my brains to find out where had I seen the basis for this, now I know. Don’t worry there is more “originality” in this project than the above would have you believe.

  3. Laszlo says:

    finally… with Bangle gone, BMW’s are finally coming to shape. I like this concept and finally a car that looks like a realistic car. That (va)GINA cloth car was so far fetched, no reality whatsoever, just a bunch of resources and money spent.

    These prototype’s or renderings or sketches are absolutely beautiful.
    Especially the silver car… that’s just awesome.

  4. Alex says:

    kinda nice…if only the grille get a bit larger…
    yet the bmw Z8 remains the elegant one…
    if bmw make this, wonder what engine would be use? V12 twin turbo? V8 twin turbo?

    • Shincai says:

      Z9 50i with 4.4 twin turbo somewhere between 550-580 hp
      And a Z9 60i 6liter twin turbo between 600-700hp
      would be awesome.

      • lol says:

        Why would they offer this in two trims? Much more – two trims within 20hp of another?

        As a successor to the Z8 and not the Z3/Z4, the Z9 would only have one engine – probably, like the Z8 – based off the M5’s, so the TTV8.

  5. Shincai says:

    Put in it some big 6liter V12 with over 600hp and will beat the crap out of that R8.

  6. bob says:

    Yes, those renderings are a shameless ripoff of Pininfarina’s show car — it’s actually spelled “2uettottanta” — with a few obsolete BMW cues (E89) slapped on.

    “Original information by Scott27”


  7. X5SoB says:

    I was going to post “nice renderings” until I saw the Alfa photos. Jon Sanibal has it right, most renderers out there are getting lazy. Then it occurred to me that the article itself is a ripoff of your article. Shame on Auto Express.

  8. Tom says:

    That first rendering is amazing. I would love to see future models with that front fascia. A definite style compeditor for shitAudi.

  9. Hari says:

    It is a good design for next generation Z4. Not good enough to be Z9 or an R8-killer. Needs more wow-design-factors.

  10. n8n says:

    BMW > all, especially Alfa, cause Alfa can only make a copy of BMW (as we remember – looking oc Efficient Dynamics Concept and the Alfa Concept – same colours, same idea, same looking… it’s poor…)

  11. marcus says:

    enough with the renderings!

    these are a waste of everyone’s time and aren’t a true representation of actual vehicles just some idea out of someone’s (non-BMW employee) head. so it doesn’t make sense to me to even bother discussing these.

    how can i prevent these types of articles from being displayed when I view the site?

  12. T says:

    BMW speaks or at least an official marketing discussion.

    Just in case I did not make myself clear , The car is still in the design stage , what this Alfa Romeo based rendering showed was the artists own vision, nothing to do with BMW design. When you see the car you will see that originality in design will be standard.

  13. wazon8 says:

    I don’t like this car’s front end. I mean, it alludes to M1 hommage and VED in some way, but the fact that the lower part is more protruding than the kidneys sets this car outside BMW’s recent design language. By this simple issue car lost in some degree the sportive and agressive character that was common to VED and M1 hommage. It fits much better to the Bangle’s way of making front ends of BMWs. And perhaps the most repellent thing about this design is that front end looks too similar to Audi R8.

    As for rear end, it is something that BMW could indeed design, even despite the fact that this is Alfa’s design.

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