Rumor: Long wheelbase version of the BMW 3-series planned

Rumors | June 10th, 2010 by 6
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Following the path opened by the BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase, BMW is rumored to plan a long wheelbase version of the BMW 3 Series that will be available exclusively for the chinese market.

According to Autocar, the stretched BMW 3 Series will compete for sales with the very successful Audi A4L, and will be built in conjunction with BMW’s Chinese partner Brilliance at a new factory in Shengyang.

Upon completion of the second plant in 2012, there will be a total annual production capacity of 100,000 units. The production will be ramping up to around 200,000 units by 2012. BMW says that the plant’s maximum capacity is around 300,000 new cars, 60 per cent of the parts locally sourced. That means the plant is likely to exceed demand for BMW’s in China, and will export cars.

 BMW 3Series 271199125519831590x1060

The plant will also house a production line for the X1.

BMW is projected to sell 120,000 cars in China from 2012, having doubled its sales in the region so far this year.

Brilliance is also reported to be pushing to open a MINI factory in China.
No further details are available at the moment on the BMW 3 Series Long Wheelbase, but we hope to learn more soon.

[Source: Autocar ]