MINI launches a Facebook page (MINI VS PORSCHE) and has officially challenged Porsche 911 to a race. The MINI contestant, the Cooper S model against Porsche’s 911 Carrera S. The challenge is set to take place on June 22nd at Road Atlanta race track. To encourage Porsche to show up they’ve created a petition in which they hope to fill with e-signatures from fans eager to see the race happen.

Mini USA CEO Jim McDowell, wants Porsche USA president Detlev von Platen to meet him at Road Atlanta on June 21st with the drivers of their choice. Without a doubt, the 911 Carrera S is a far more potent car, but MINI says “..there’s no accounting for heart. And we’ve got that in spades.”

The event will be closed to the public, but expect live reporting from the event from selected journalists.

Regardless if the MINI wins or loses, the challenge will draw plenty of viral marketing for the Oxford-based company, known for their genius marketing tricks.

Follow the event at the MINI Facebook page