Rumormill: BMW Compactive Sport Tourer and BMW Advanced Sport Tourer

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Rumor mill churns out BMW talk about two new concepts that will be introduced in the future: BMW Compactive Sport Tourer and BMW Advanced Sport …

Rumor mill churns out BMW talk about two new concepts that will be introduced in the future: BMW Compactive Sport Tourer and BMW Advanced Sport Tourer. Last week, we briefly introduced these rumors that shortly were confirmed by other sources cited by Automobile Magazine.

Today, new information around these new models surfaced once again, and the same BMW insider, Scott27, shares with us some behind the scene details. Our attempts to confirm these models with BMW have neither being denied or acknowledged, so far now, we will keep them at the same rumor status.

“One of the advantages of using the new 1er/3er matrix or backbone, is the cost effectiveness in which new models can be derived from a single structure that can either be stretched or shortened to suit any concept.

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BMW requested outside surveys from customers who are not typical BMW customers because there is not really a BMW model for their needs. When asked what is the single most desired concept from BMW the results are more than interesting.

A Supercar ? More powerful M3? That is a close second.

The answer is Space for a family and more flexibility in a much smaller car.

With the BMW Compactive Sport Tourer, the car is a respite of a typical MPV Concept and a new addition to the premium end of the compact multi-purpose vehicle segment. When you look at the Multi-Purpose vehicle segment, you see a typical one shape concept spread throughout the segment. Some are neither Sporty or desirable, but fulfill the customers’ requirement for flexibility.

BMW Compactive Sport Tourer removes the conventions of a singular MPV Concept and alternates with a raised vehicle utilizing a semi-commanding driving position, and also applies the function into a vehicle that is more car than multi-purpose vehicle.

BMW Sport Compactive Tourer enhances a typical hatch and also enlarges it to be more car-like.
The Roof slopes down more dramatic, coupe-like, over the luggage compartment, allowing a sleeker look. The overall appearance is less van more car. The outline is of a vehicle with many car like features, such as a more car-like front end instead of a steep raised van-like bonnet.

Inside the concept, the idea is to utilize more space with the Compactive Sport Tourer, allowing for four or five passengers. The design will be using the new “layered interior design process”

BMW Advanced Sport Tourer

This new concept adds a longer wheelbase and the ability to increase passenger count to seven. Some BMW customers actually request more space for passengers. Currently, BMW only offers seven seats in the X5.

The car that began life as the RFK Concept before refining into the GT, was set to take seven seats until the decision was made to utilize the design by Christopher Weil (our note: BMW exterior designer responsible for 5 Series GT) who invoked a more coupe-like shape and focused on a first class cabin for passengers instead of catering for families.

The interesting aspect of this car is its positioning in the BMW family. Right between the 1 Series and 3 Series, and accessible to the lower end of the market. Some naming suggestions include the BMW Advanced Sport Tourer, or resurrecting the 2 Series.

Should anything move further, the expectations are to see a production variant sometimes in 2014-2015.”