3D is in these days and more and more movies or video commercials are jumping on this bandwagon, so it came as no surprise to us when a BMW’s Joy campaign showed up in a 3D Projection. The video message is featured on a commercial complex in the suburb of Singapore.

It is unclear at the moment if this is a BMW sanctioned marketing gig or simply an ad agency taking it a step further. Looking at the faces of the people in this video, the 3D effect appears to be quite credible and real, and thanks to the incorporated shadow, an very impressive spectacle emerged.

The video plays well with the 3D effects, which also includes a small tribute to the birthday boy Pacman, as well as classic BMW billboards. The buzzwords “Joy is BMW” and of course “EfficientDynamics” are present as well, one of BMW’s trademark signatures in the past year.

Joy is the Future 3D 655x400

So whether we embrace it or not, the “Joy” continues and it is being driven not only by the impressive BMW engineering, but also by video technology.