Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce | May 27th, 2010 by 6
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Bentley vs. Rolls Royce Ghost Old, a n old rivalry that is consuming a new episode these days. With the launch of the new Rolls Royce Ghost, the high-end ultra luxurious car segment becomes more exciting. The Ghost and Bentley Mulsanne take this “game” to a new level and makes it a difficult choice…..for those that money is no issue.

Who takes the crown home? Let’s find out with the help of Autocar UK.

“Why not Mulsanne versus Phantom?

Rolls-Royce is perfectly happy for its number two model (at least in price, if not capability or quality) to be compared with Bentley’s new number one. Bentley, predictably, is keener for the Mulsanne to be seen as a Phantom rival, arguing that its car, already around £30,000 more expensive than a Ghost, can easily cost £260k-plus by the time you’ve added the bespoke features the company wants every owner to consider. But then Rolls owners buy bespoke options too…

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The Rolls majors on simplicity. As in the Phantom, controls are arranged in a strict hierarchy – and non-essentials are hidden – so owners will never be able to complain of complexity.
The Bentley impresses in an entirely different way, by being comprehensive and more appealing to the sporting driver. It has a superb array of dials and switches – including a tachometer and about the best-looking central transmission quadrant put into a car.

On our solus test of the Bentley, we wondered if its V8 hadn’t lost character in the latest round of re-engineering, by becoming a shade too reluctant to produce the V8 thunder of old (although it will do it). But against the always-silent Rolls it is quite a character, whose party trick is amazing thrust barely above idle (peak torque is 752lb ft at 1750rpm).
The Rolls’s twin-turbo V12 is nominally more powerful if you rev it out (peak power is 563bhp at 5250rpm) but its peak torque is nearly 200lb ft less. On combined fuel consumption, there’s quite a gap: the Rolls beats the Bentley’s fairly poor 16.8mpg (combined) by almost 25 per cent.”

Verdict? As expected, a tough choice….continue reading here