Dinan S3 BMW 335i – Driven by Car and Driver

3 Series | May 26th, 2010 by 7
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The folks over at Car and Driver got their hands on the powerful, sporty DINAN S3 built on the popular BMW 335i. Here is an excerpt from their article:

“Steve Dinan has sold more than 2000 software upgrades for the 135i/335i, making it the most popular upgrade in his company’s 31-year history. And it’s easy to see why: For $2199, a simple download at one of Dinan’s 129 U.S. dealers immediately endows a 335i with as much as 384 horsepower and 421 pound-feet of torque (versus 300 and 300, respectively). Dinan notes that this is actually more like a 60-hp gain, as BMW’s twin-turbo inline-six comfortably makes more than the advertised 300 horsepower in stock form.

The car tested here goes a little further. Outfitted in “Stage 3” trim, the S3 335i has an oil cooler that is twice as large as standard, a bigger intercooler, a better-breathing carbon-fiber intake, and a freer-flowing exhaust that allows for 1 additional psi of boost versus the 384-hp setup (14 psi total versus 8.8 psi stock). The result is 408 horsepower and a bombastic 440 pound-feet of torque. But it doesn’t come cheap: The aforementioned mods total $8895.

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Not surprisingly, throttle tip-in is jumpy as the newfound torque introduces itself. The engine is crazy responsive from 3000 rpm but starts to run out of steam between 6000 rpm and the 7000-rpm redline—the boost tapers off in order to keep the turbos comfortably below their 230,000-rpm limit. And for a turbocharged engine, it still sounds remarkably raspy. At 4.4 seconds to 60 mph and 13.0 through the quarter-mile, the S3 335i is about a half-second quicker than a stock 335i in both regards and nearly matches the last manual M3 we tested.”

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