Dinan S3 BMW 335i – Driven by Car and Driver

3-Series | May 26th, 2010 by 7
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The folks over at Car and Driver got their hands on the powerful, sporty DINAN S3 built on the popular BMW 335i. Here is an …

The folks over at Car and Driver got their hands on the powerful, sporty DINAN S3 built on the popular BMW 335i. Here is an excerpt from their article:

“Steve Dinan has sold more than 2000 software upgrades for the 135i/335i, making it the most popular upgrade in his company’s 31-year history. And it’s easy to see why: For $2199, a simple download at one of Dinan’s 129 U.S. dealers immediately endows a 335i with as much as 384 horsepower and 421 pound-feet of torque (versus 300 and 300, respectively). Dinan notes that this is actually more like a 60-hp gain, as BMW’s twin-turbo inline-six comfortably makes more than the advertised 300 horsepower in stock form.

The car tested here goes a little further. Outfitted in “Stage 3” trim, the S3 335i has an oil cooler that is twice as large as standard, a bigger intercooler, a better-breathing carbon-fiber intake, and a freer-flowing exhaust that allows for 1 additional psi of boost versus the 384-hp setup (14 psi total versus 8.8 psi stock). The result is 408 horsepower and a bombastic 440 pound-feet of torque. But it doesn’t come cheap: The aforementioned mods total $8895.

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Not surprisingly, throttle tip-in is jumpy as the newfound torque introduces itself. The engine is crazy responsive from 3000 rpm but starts to run out of steam between 6000 rpm and the 7000-rpm redline—the boost tapers off in order to keep the turbos comfortably below their 230,000-rpm limit. And for a turbocharged engine, it still sounds remarkably raspy. At 4.4 seconds to 60 mph and 13.0 through the quarter-mile, the S3 335i is about a half-second quicker than a stock 335i in both regards and nearly matches the last manual M3 we tested.”

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7 responses to “Dinan S3 BMW 335i – Driven by Car and Driver”

  1. billmilo says:

    Half a second quicker than stock….for $8500…

  2. 335iGuy says:

    “half a second”….someone should be looking at a 328i… anyway the real question is if you want to void your bmw warranty and rely on Dinan’s for the increased performance.

  3. Pete says:

    I’m pretty sure you can get the same performance (1/2 a second) + increased reliability @ less than 1/2 the cost with Burgermotorsports JB3.

  4. Jeff says:

    Have a friend who just bought one of these 335 dinan’s, brand new. Very proud of it! But seriously, for “a half a second”, I would still rather have an m3! Oh, and he didn’t even get a manual transmission!

  5. Tater says:

    First, the Dinan package does NOT void the BMW warranty, in fact it comes with its own warranty which in turn warranties your BMW parts that could be damaged by any malfunction of the Dinan system.
    The JB3 upgrade though awesome, unfortunatley DOES void the BMW warranty.
    328i…Its a great car, I love them, but stock to stock without the twin turbo it is not in the 335i’s league but there is a Dinan package for it as well that costs less than the 335i package. Also, of note here is that the S3 package come with a Koni suspension and sway bar upgrade that has to be driven to be believed.
    Half a second over each quarter mile does add up quite nicely and my S3 does a shade better than that and gets to 60 in 4 flat with stock 313 wheels. AND for 25-30,000 less than the M3, which is an amazing, wanted, awesome, totally coveted car, so lets not quibble about that, but getting that close to the performance for far, far less cost is a groovy thing.

  6. Ksl125 says:

    You will be ripped off!  To add insult to injury, you’ll be treated like a number, may or may not get your car (or even a return phone call) in a reasonable amount of time, and gouged with exhorbinant markups on parts and padded hours on technicians’ time.

    Reputable BMW message boards should always be consulted as a sanity check against the work Dinan is recommending.  Even if the service is warranted, careful research will generally find that the parts are marked-up 2x and Dinan’s estimated billable time required is generally 3-times that of a DIY-er.

    Look, I have an M5 that is my most treasured inanimate thing in the world.  I would not spare any expense to keep it running, but I draw the line at Dinan’s unethical behavior.

    These guys feed off the fact you can afford a nice BMW and the fear of not making that investment last.  Horrible!

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