Motorcycle fans are familiar with the name Chris Pfeiffer, but those of you that are not, a quick history might bring you up to speed. Chris Pfeiffer is a well-known Streetbike freestyler, four-time World and European stunt champion. Throughout the years, Pfeiffer has entertained fans across the world with his BMW F800 bikes.

In the video below, Pfeiffer rides the F800R model. Pfeiffer first started using a BMW F800S in January 2006, and eventually transformed the S into an R model in order to lighten the weight of the bike and make it more suitable for motorcycle stunt riding. In honor of Pfeiffer, BMW is offering a limited edition of 68 Chris-Pfeiffer-Edition BMW F800R models, which has custom paintwork and an Akrapovic exhaust.

Unfortunately for U.S. based fans, the F800R is not available in the United States.

Enjoy the video.