Rendering: BMW Gran Turismo “Shooting Brake”

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Our friend Jon Sibal and the folks over at LeftLaneNews rendered another future rumored BMW concept: BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake. With the unveiling of …

Our friend Jon Sibal and the folks over at LeftLaneNews rendered another future rumored BMW concept: BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake. With the unveiling of the new Gran Coupe Concept, BMW makes a statement that they are back on the automotive map with some exciting models to come. If in 2009, the 6 Series-based Shooting Brake was scratched off BMW’s roadmap, mostly due to the challenging economic climate and the further investment into EfficientDynamics and Project i; a year later, the same very concept is back on track.

BMW’s design philosophy allows the designers to constantly seek for new aesthetics and expression languages. According to the restless BMW insider, Scott27, the BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake sits lower than the 5 Series Touring and has a more sloping roof towards the rear of the car. The rear quarter light is also smaller than the 5er Touring. Overall, there are plenty distinguishable details between the Shooting Brake and the Touring.

The Gran Coupe Concept unveiled last month in Beijing has shown that BMW is looking to gain momentum in this premium segment dominated at the moment by Mercedes-Benz CSL. The Shooting Brake Concept plants to take luxury to a new level and it is considered a niche model.

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Shooting Brake is seen initially as the “second car”, a vehicle that will be used mostly on the weekends for the customer who works in the city and retires to his weekend residence. The split tailgate entails a classic “Shooting Brake” style in which a picnic can be laid on the lower half of the tailgate or could be used as a temporary seat to watch the afternoons proceedings of an event.

It uses the evocative “Gran Turismo” title because it shows like the F07 5 GT that it is all about traveling in style.

The rendering above captures the essence of a Shooting Brake model, with slick, but aggressive design lines and a sporty allure.

[Source: LeftLaneNews | Jon Sibal ]

15 responses to “Rendering: BMW Gran Turismo “Shooting Brake””

  1. n8n says:

    RELEASE IT!!!! :o Look gorgeous!

  2. okeribok says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  3. FreudeKing says:

    This is totally beautiful. If only BMW’s winning designs can be as good as these…. Has anyone ever wondered why BMW needs to open up the competition to just a few people? Why can the consumers not shape the cars that they want. Instead, we have to consume what they give us. Well, if I start my own car company one day, I will release the possible images so that the whole world can vote on the best design and comment for improvement before I green light the development. I will make sure that the “dress” development is just half a year from launch.

    • wazon8 says:

      One thing is sure, your cars would be a way more expensive than bimmers, MBs etc. Just imagine how shaping on demand would increase costs of production. And one practical concern remains: How many people have a detailed imagination of their dream-cars? I think that not so many of them, so in order to gain acceptable result of potential customers remarks you will need to hire a group of designers for each single car who will combine customer’s glossess in consistent whole. Costs, costs, costs.

      • Doug says:

        Maybe…. the biggest problem might actually be the inability to test custom designs for safety and reliability.

        But say that some elements (structural, aerodynamic?) were designed to provide the correct characteristics over some variability, such that a customer could specify height, for example. This would require changes in greenhouse frame, glass, and doors, I think, with roof panels and all other components probably the same.

        So, how can they fabricate custom parts cheaply? Cutting new dies for pressing steel or aluminum would be horrifically expensive. Processes based on current rapid-prototyping methods could work. Stretching composites over a mold or form (eg, carbon fiber, reinforced plastic) would be easy, except for having to mill a custom mold. What if the molds/forms themselves were modular, adjustable, or oversized and designed to be cut to fit – like how eyeglass lenses are cut from a large lense to fit a particular frame.

        It’s possible. You’d have to achieve an economy in scale for the tools and methods for making a limited number of custom parts, but aside from that…

  4. Mauro Corti says:

    I can’t see why someone should buy the GT, imagine my reaction seeing this one. Completely useless

  5. wazon8 says:

    BMW will start to offer a great pallete of cars. But still this kind of rear end roofline doesn’t fit to my teste.

  6. efoza says:

    This make an already awesome car look even better. I have now also started to see a few 5GT Ms being kitted up so I guess BMW is watching and who knows we may soon have a 5 GT M officially released. The 5 GT is just breaking all rules and records. Well done to BMW for making such a great car.

  7. Just imagine the Gran Coupe Concept will be the next 6 series!!!!
    NOW Imagine that GT with the next M Engine!!! all i can say is HABADA HABADA :D

  8. kenee says:

    I hope Efoza is right and we will soon see one of these 5GT M cars on sale. That really would be great as the car does need a sports package to compliment its existing business/VIP image.

    The best 5 GT I have so far seen is one with the dark grey colour and low profile wheels on 20″ alloys. It looked so cool. It has a German number plate so I guess it is one which has been customised locally.

  9. viper says:

    the car looks great but its only a fiction. this will never happen..
    bmw always has these very cool renderings but never really makes one come to life. Im like sick and tired of this crap

    • plaxico says:

      ur right man ,this is ridicules…
      This site is looking more and more some fanzine where fans can write their wishes to tooth fairy
      It aint gonna happened bmw fans

  10. Plamen says:

    i don’t think this will be the new 6 series as some media announced.

  11. sok says:

    I love this car.Just awesome from the front end.
    It’s looking very close with grand coupe concept.
    Designer team should start design the next gen from here or make the grand coupe concept happen.That’s would be superb!
    But i just wondering there will not do anything perfect cause it’s hard to make better.
    They just want to keep there job and continue business for take our money as long as possible.

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