Rendering: BMW Gran Turismo “Shooting Brake”

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Our friend Jon Sibal and the folks over at LeftLaneNews rendered another future rumored BMW concept: BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake. With the unveiling of the new Gran Coupe Concept, BMW makes a statement that they are back on the automotive map with some exciting models to come. If in 2009, the 6 Series-based Shooting Brake was scratched off BMW’s roadmap, mostly due to the challenging economic climate and the further investment into EfficientDynamics and Project i; a year later, the same very concept is back on track.

BMW’s design philosophy allows the designers to constantly seek for new aesthetics and expression languages. According to the restless BMW insider, Scott27, the BMW Gran Turismo Shooting Brake sits lower than the 5 Series Touring and has a more sloping roof towards the rear of the car. The rear quarter light is also smaller than the 5er Touring. Overall, there are plenty distinguishable details between the Shooting Brake and the Touring.

The Gran Coupe Concept unveiled last month in Beijing has shown that BMW is looking to gain momentum in this premium segment dominated at the moment by Mercedes-Benz CSL. The Shooting Brake Concept plants to take luxury to a new level and it is considered a niche model.

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Shooting Brake is seen initially as the “second car”, a vehicle that will be used mostly on the weekends for the customer who works in the city and retires to his weekend residence. The split tailgate entails a classic “Shooting Brake” style in which a picnic can be laid on the lower half of the tailgate or could be used as a temporary seat to watch the afternoons proceedings of an event.

It uses the evocative “Gran Turismo” title because it shows like the F07 5 GT that it is all about traveling in style.

The rendering above captures the essence of a Shooting Brake model, with slick, but aggressive design lines and a sporty allure.

[Source: LeftLaneNews | Jon Sibal ]