BMW picked up Best Executive Car crown for BMW 5 Series

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BMW has been presented with the top award at the prestigious 2010 Fleet World Honours, picking up the accolade for Fleet Manufacturer of the Year …

BMW has been presented with the top award at the prestigious 2010 Fleet World Honours, picking up the accolade for Fleet Manufacturer of the Year for its EfficientDynamics programme.  While the introduction of a specialist small fleet division, the BMW fleet buying experience has been simplified and has put the focus back on to the customer.

Steve Moody, Chairman of the Judges, said: “BMW continues to forge ahead with a range of new cars whose low emissions and performance set the standard in the market, for both premium and volume brands.  Added to that it has had a good year with its core fleet products, scoring highly from the leasing companies in our awards analysis on customer support, reliability and residuals, and has also launched a new division that caters for small business.”

Not content with being crowned Fleet Manufacturer of the Year, BMW also picked up the Best Executive Car crown for the BMW 5 Series.  Since its March launch the BMW 5 Series has been a hit with both retail and fleet customers alike for its unsurpassed blend of high quality, performance and efficiency.  It was this well rounded package that impressed the judges leading to it taking the top plaudit.

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Steve Moody said: “The new BMW 5 Series has taken the executive sector up yet another notch, with an engine line-up second to none for emissions and performance, generous standard specification, superb whole-life costs, class-leading residual values and a quality unparalleled even in this extremely competitive market.

Speaking of the BMW successes at this year’s awards Stephen Chater, Corporate Operations Manager for BMW Group UK, said: “These awards are great news for BMW.  They recognise the improvements that have been made to BMW fleet services and the new BMW 5 Series, focusing on the customers needs and showing real benefits for both fleet decision makers and company car drivers alike.”

These two latest accolades build on last years win, when the BMW 3 Series took home Fleet Car of the Year 2009, demonstrating BMW’s dedication to the fleet industry.

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12 responses to “BMW picked up Best Executive Car crown for BMW 5 Series”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    Well done. The 5 is finitely a winner….just worried how overprised the car is in some countries and cities.

    • kcsnyud says:

      I think the 5 er is crap… too much 7

      • n8n says:

        That’s why it’s the best in it’s class – because there is too much 7 in 5 :)

      • wazon8 says:

        Too much of 7-er in 5-er was really smart move from BMW during financial crisis. I bet that after making careful analysis they came with the conclusion that the significant number (maybe most at US market) of former 7-er, A8, S-class and so on buyers will go one segment down and will looking for 5-er or its competitors. And now 5-er offers much more than other cars in segment and seem to be the best choice right now.

        • kcsnyud says:

          I am an avid bmw fan, but i feel it would have been nicer if the 7 series was more unique, otherwise why would it cost $71,000 for 740? I mean, all the 7 has goin for it are nicer engine choices, and leather stitching on the dash. The 7 is starting to feel cheap cos of this, and once again bmw will lose in the high-end executive class.

          In case u guys know, 7er is my favorite bmw…

          • wazon8 says:

            I tend to disagree with you. There are vivid differences between 5-er and 7-er, starting from sizes of both cars, going through engines choices and ending on prestige that one simply cannot receive by having 5-er. Whether they will lose all high-end class depends from what rivals will provide. At least I don’t see why someone who used to buy 7-er because of – among other reasons – prestige issues should feel satisfied by 5-er. The last one can be of great quality and so on, but still it doesn’t belong to this the most prestigious class. On the other hand, having great 5-er is important since during crisis this car will generate the greatest sale numbers of cars costing above 50.000$.

  2. efoza says:

    The design and ride is not as good as the 5GT but for those who cannot afford the GT it is still the king of the road. Well done BMW

    • Doug says:

      Every thread I look at has a post from you about the GT. A you a shill? When your spouse asks you to pass the bread at dinner, do you say, “The bread is great, but not as good as the 5 GT!!”

  3. joe says:

    kcsnyud i think you are crap, ur too much viper wanna be

    • kcsnyud says:

      What? They go around trollin this blog. I actually post my OPINIONS, and people sometimes answer. I’m not viper.

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