Rendering: BMW 1M Convertible

m1conv 2 750x500

BMW 1M hysteria continues and the usual rendering game is back. The BMW 1M is yet to be revealed, but graphic artists are already looking past that. The upcoming 1M based on the current 1 Series will come in two flavors: a Coupe model and Convertible.

The 1-Series based M model is due to launch in 2011 and it has a short production cycle, potentially turning the car into a collection item down the line. It is simply aimed at the core enthusiasts base and it is rumored to provide the ultimate M experience in a smaller package.

Design wise, the M1 rendering outlines perfectly the core elements of an M car, aggressive front-end with large air intakes, wide bodykit, lower ride, M gills and larger wheels.

M1conv 655x491

As expected in an M model, it offers a more muscular appearance, an imposing stance that maybe not as flashy as the M6, but certainly more agile looking.

Here are some of the things that will define the 1M:

  • Six piston brakes
  • High performance intercooler
  • Slightly modified headlights
  • Wider wheel arches and fenders
  • Standard 18″ wheels and options Competition wheels
  • Small lip spoilers above brake duct inlets to provide extra air flow
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Rear diffuser with open ducts
  • M gills
  • Typical M quad-exhaust pipes
  • Carbon Fiber roof

Pricing wise, the BMW 1M will most likely sit above the 335is, but lower than the M3. The car will go on sale next year.

m1conv 2 655x491

[Source: Renderings by Jon Sibal ]

13 responses to “Rendering: BMW 1M Convertible”

  1. bunker says:

    This render is gorgeous. Well done, Jon. Wow…
    I think I may like it better as a ‘vert than with the roof on. Looks less “pig-ish”.

  2. Alvin Wong says:

    I must admit, that doesn’t look half bad.

  3. Ray Satina says:

    Why can’t BWM hire Jon as a consultant to their design? Jon has better impressions than the current ones.

  4. Dan says:

    ^ Ray I wish they would hire him!

  5. viper says:

    …wishful thoughts .

  6. Bryce says:

    …I hope that the M1 (or whatever they call it) is wildly successful and they decide to make an M version of the next generation 1 series.

  7. Giom says:

    This is gorgeous!

  8. Beerman says:

    Not as a convertible though!! This car should only be as a Coupé because a fixed roof is much stiffer that a convertible

  9. FredFreddie says:

    Nothing wrong with the no-top. Granted, a little heavier than the coupe given the extra framing for rigidity, thus a couple of tenths slower to 60, but sure to be even more fun going stupidly fast with the top down.

    • FredFreddie says:

      I just wish I had waited, as I recently brought home a 135i convertible (MSport package…DCT, etc). 4.3 to 60…a full second faster than BMW claims the N55 can push this little rocket along…but many of the driver and auto pubs have said the same thing. M logo in the door sill and the steering wheel…Still…if I could get that M logo on the rear deck lid…

  10. JImmy says:

    ^^^Dude, no 135i convert with DCT is doing 0-60 in 4.3 secs, that’s matching a M3 sedan…chances are it’s more like 4.9. The 135i coupe MT does it in 4.7-8. No way a heavier 135i convert even with DCT is doing that…

    And for it to do that, then there would be no reason for the 1 series M, because it would just as fast…

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