British magazine Autocar quotes BMW’s Design Director Adrian von Hooydonk on BMW’s plans to consolidate their design language and becoming “more harmonious” in order to “satisfy” global tastes. While the news are nowhere near being surprising, it is for the first time that a BMW official acknowledge what we have been seeing across exterior design of the latest BMW models. It all started with the new F01 7 Series that brought out the large front-grille and oversize front-fascia. Shortly, we have seen the 5 GT following a similar pattern, at a smaller scale.

Last on the list, the new F10 5 Series that inherits some design cues from the above mentioned BMW models.

bmw concept gran coupe design process 100311647 m1

Speaking at the unveiling of the new BMW Gran Coupe Concept at the recent Beijing motor show, von Hooydonk said, “Consolidation is good for the brand because it gives a clearer image of what BMW is.”

The latest 5-series saloon and the Gran Coupe were both examples of this, he added.

Both cars display a “more subtle use of the concave and convex”, in contrast to the more disparate BMW styles developed during the tenure of his predecessor, Chris Bangle.

The next generation 6 Series will indicate what BMW’s future plans are.

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