Throughout the week we’ve been covering the ground covered by the BMW Performance Driving School/ United BMW of Roswell X6 M driven by Mike Renner, Tom Lappin and Steve Maguire in the 2010 One Lap of America.

The X6 M has been performing quite well over the course of the week – yesterday reaching as high as 18th place overall and that’s an incredible result for a 5,000+ lbs SUV(SAC for those keeping track!).

However, during their on-hand interviews at Mid Ohio, Steve took the opportunity to speak with the seemingly endless number of drivers competing in One Lap of America BMW’s. In the video below, Steve talks with a handful of the fellow BMW drivers and how they’re progressing through One Lap.

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Some of the BMW’s we’ve seen in scanning through the list of entrants stretch across decades of BMW history as we’ve listed below:

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– E90 BMW M3’s

– E36 M3’s

–  Z3 M Coupe (Clown shoe!)

– E90/92 335i’s

-E46 325i’s and 328i’s

–  E30 325iS

– MINI Cooper S


As you can see from the list above and the Entrant List, there are BMWs spanning over many models and decades being represented in the 2010 One Lap of America.  The cars represent nearly every class available for One Lap of America – from Mid Priced Sedans to the Small Bore SSGT1 class to SUV/Truck to Luxury Sedan class. The list reveals that it doesn’t seem that any other brand is as well-represented as BMW and across such a wide range of classes – it would seem that the Joy of Driving is alive and wheel across the United States!


From listening to the interviews of the fellow BMW drivers it seems that the M3 is quite the popular weapon of choice and from looking at the leaderboards thus far there are a number of BMW’s that have taken the lead in their respective class. We wanted to take the opportunity to recognize the many BMW’s through Steve’s pictures from the week of One Lap of America thus far.