We are drawing to the final stages of the 2010 One Lap of America. Over the week, the BMW Performance Driving School/United BMW of Roswell X6 M has been performing quite well, staying near the top overall and fighting for first place in the SUV/Truck class.

The latest report has the team winding down the event at the New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning course before heading to Nelson Ledges and back to the Tire Rack Facility in South Bend, Indiana for the final day. Check out Steve’s report below to see the pitched battle between the X6 M and Mazda 5 for class dominance!

It looks like the battle for the SUV class on the 2010 One Lap of America is going down to the final event when we return to Tire Rack in South Bend on Saturday, at least if we can’t take multiple wins at Nelson Ledges tomorrow.

Today we were in New Jersey running the Lightning course at New Jersey Motorsports Park, another new track for Mike to learn! We arrived bright and early determined to stage a comeback after the disappointment of the Mid Ohio results. On our transit section from Mid Ohio I found some video on the web of the Lightning course for Mike to study. With the scores so close we were looking for any minute advantage we could find.

We arrived at the track soon after the gates opened, so we could get the track walk in and then relax prior to his run. After reviewing the walk and the information found on the web Mike believed the track geometry and sweeping banked corners of the Lightning circuit was a perfect opportunity to make full use of the X6 M’s 550 Bavarian horses on offer and claw back the points lost yesterday, keeping us in contention for the class win.

At this stage of the competition, competitors really start to feel the pressure and know any mistake could cost them dearly in the final results. Taking it too easy and you lose time; pushing too hard and the possibility of a mistake looms large. With only five events left, you have to find that perfect medium.

In the first session Mike had the advantage of knowing his competition’s bogey time as the Mazda ran in a group ahead of us setting a time of 4:05.502 minutes, and we also heard a report the Mazda had slight off-track excursion. So now it was all up to Mike to lay down a series of clean laps and beat the Mazda’s time.

At the end of 3 laps our stopwatch displayed a time just under 4:05 minutes, so now we just had to confirm this with the official score keepers, and they confirmed our time as 4:04.104. We had beaten them by 1.398 seconds!

One down, and one to go…at least for today!